Trails that Cold stole Drama CD - returning Home

This is the first drama CD script, "Returning Home." the is extremely recommended the you end up the an initial Trails the Cold Steel before reading on. Enjoy!

Rean: In recognition of our accomplishments at the Sachsen stole Mine, every one of us in course VII were invite by none other than His Majesty the Emperor to a quick respite in ~ the warm springs heaven of Ymir. Instructor Sara and also the second-year students who generously aided us in pass the dilemm to a nearby were also extended the same invitation.

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Rean: Ymir, together it for this reason happened, to be my hometown. I"d as soon as sworn that ns wouldn"t return till I found a course of my own to walk, for this reason going back before reaching that score admittedly gave rise to mixed feelings. Still, with the academy festival looming ahead in the close to future, ns knew that I might do v a well-deserved rest as much as my other classmates and chose to go earlier home.


Phoenix wing - Staircase Multiple world climbing increase stairsElise thoughtfully travel guide everyone as much as the Phoenix Wings, Ymir"s local inn.

Elliot: Woooooow!

Rean: You"re gonna fall off the staircase if friend don"t look whereby you"re going, Elliot.

Elliot: S-Sorry. This is one fancy-looking building, though, isn"t it?

Elise: This is the Phoenix Wings, and I"m sure you"ll every be an extremely comfortable here throughout your stay. It has quite a storied history, having actually been given to this village by a previous emperor of the imperial family.

Machias: An emperor? Really?!

Jusis: I had actually heard that the Imperial and also Schwarzer families were on great terms, however I"m surprised to view your connection extends this far.

Rean: Haha. That was eras ago, though. By the way, Elise, ns wasn"t expecting you come come out and also meet us as quickly as we arrived. Any kind of special reason?

Despite being overjoyed to check out her brother, Elise suppresses those feelings and behaves most curtly towards him.

Elise: My being below should come together no surprised to friend whatsoever. Together the eldest daughter of the family, welcoming all of you is mine duty.

Angelica, naturally, is captivated by Elise"s dignified manner.

Angelica: The scenery is beautiful, our lodgings space elegant, our overview couldn"t be more beautiful... Boy, if ns wasn"t looking front to taking a dip in the springs before, I certainly am now! Haha... I deserve to barely contain my excitement.

Alisa: I hope you aren"t to plan to carry out anything inappropriate...

Sara: It death me to agree through her, however this village is an extremely picturesque. Choose the sort of cozy small hideaway wherein you have the right to sit back and take in the see while drink the work away.

Angelica: I"d be an ext than happy to keep you company, Instructor.

Towa: No, girlfriend won"t! students aren"t enabled to drink alcohol. You recognize that!

Angelica: I only said I"d save her company! and also you"re welcome to make it a threesome if girlfriend want, Towa. Why not sign up with us?

Towa: M-Me? Sorry, yet I think I"ll pass...

Towa, much like course VII, despairs ~ above imagining what a drunk Instructor Sara and Angelica might do v their powers combined.

Alisa: I swear...

Machias: It"ll take much more than a readjust of see to obtain these two to give up your usual degenerate ways.

Gaius: Think of that this way: no matter where us go, friend can constantly count on them to remain the same.

Fie: Wow. You actually managed to do it sound choose a an excellent thing. Mine hat"s turn off to you.

Gaius: Haha... It"s what ns do.

Rean: Haha... Well, I"m just glad you guys seem to prefer it. It"s too negative not everyone who was invited can make it, though.

Phoenix wing - 2nd Floor

Elise: Everyone"s rooms room located below on the 2nd floor. The males will it is in in a room top top the left side of this communal lobby, when the ladies will certainly be in a room top top the right. We"ve also prepared separation, personal, instance rooms for Angelica, Towa, and for your instructor.

Angelica: And ns was rather hoping all the ladies can be in one room because that some high quality female bonding time. I suppose you can"t have everything...

Alisa: That is precisely why I"m glad we AREN"T share rooms, friend know.

Elise: Heehee. Well, if there"s noþeles we have the right to do to it is in of service, don"t hesitate come alert the staff. Everyone"s all-too eager to help in any means they can, especially since His Majesty was the one that asked us to wait on you all.

Towa: Aww. Thanks!

Emma: Should we go and put our points in ours rooms, then?

Rean: Sounds like a plan, yet can anyone in class VII come down to the lobby afterwards? I want to have a meeting about our concert prior to we start doing something else.

Emma: I don"t watch why not.

Rean: Great. Every right, I"ll see the rest of friend la...

Rean gradually trails off as he notices Elise hesitating come say something.

Rean: Hmm? What"s up, Elise?

Elise: Umm... Well...

Rean: ...Haha. Don"t worry. I"ll head to the mansion later and also say hello to Mom and Dad. I know they"ll most likely shake their heads and wonder what I"m doing ago here, yet still. You"re curious, too, right?

Elise: N-Not at all! ~ above the contrary, I"ve been really looking forward to—

Rean: ... Huh?

Elise: I-It"s nothing! Regardless, ns should acquire out the your method and permit you gain on through what you need to. I"ll check out you later, Rean!

Elise timeless leaves, she cheeks flushed and her previously dignified path now really flustered.

Gaius: Haha. She"s adorable, Rean.

Angelica: Ahh... She truly is a lover young lady. The vision of her alone is sufficient to send my raging libido right into an uncontrollable overdrive.

Rean: Please keep all thoughts relating to mine sister and your raging libido to yourself,thanks.

Laura: Well, I have the right to hardly fail to agree just how lovely she is. I"m a small lost top top this "libido" business, however...

Rean: remain that way, Laura. It"s because that your very own good.

Phoenix wings - 2nd Floor Lobby ~ placing your belongings in their corresponding rooms, the members of course VII gather in the lobby. Rean standing increase from a chair

Rean: Looks prefer we"re every here.

Alisa: Yep.

Machias: I take it this meeting way you"ve ironed the end all the details top top the concert? I have a vague idea in ~ best, yet it"s not favor we"ve heard anything past the basics.

Jusis: I think it"s around time you told us what we"re in reality doing, don"t you?

Rean: Yeah. I m really sorry it took so long, but Elliot, Crow, and also I think we"ve got enough to lastly start pour it until it is full you males in.

Elliot: Originally, the arrangement was to tell everyone as shortly as us got ago from our field study, but then this totality thing ended up happening. Kinda threw united state off, you know?

Laura: Understandable.

Elliot: Crow stated he"s well with simply me and also Rean taking care of the actual announcement, so right here goes! We"ve decided we"ll be doing 2 songs, and also to execute them, we"re walk to need musicians, male and female vocalists, and also backup dancers.

Gaius: This is currently sounding a lot more professional 보다 I to be expecting.

Machias: And we"re doing 2 songs? I believed we"d be doing one... Then again, ns didn"t think we"d it is in needing backup dancers, either.

Elliot: I don"t think simply the one song will be sufficient to satisfy people, really. It"ll feel like the show"s finishing right once it"s getting started, girlfriend know? and if we want our power to have actually some kind of impact on them, back-up dancers room a must.

Fie: Well, you"re the expert.

Jusis: I view no factor to object thus far.

Elliot: Next, we"ll go v everyone"s corresponding roles and also what we"re at this time thinking because that our phase outfits. Here you go.

A item of document being unfoldedEveryone leans in to take it a look at its contents and is shocked by what they see.

Emma: ...What?!

Laura then begins reading the end the info printed loud enough so her classmates deserve to hear.

Laura: Hmm... So Rean will be the lead guitarist, Alisa the valuation guitarist, Gaius the bassist... and also as for me...

Gaius: Looks prefer you"ll be our drummer, Laura. Climate Elliot will be managing both the violin and also the keyboard.

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Fie: That renders me and Millium the backup dancers, huh? Then... ...the very first song will be sung through Machias and also Jusis, and also the second by Emma...?

Predictably, Machias and also Jusis space strongly protest to this. Jusis and also Machias both banging their fists on the table in ~ the same time