I guess that was an ext a Roman point than a Greek thing. You know, Julius Caesar and also all. But the Romans and Greeks to be so comparable to one another. Castle basically even had all the exact same gods. The Romans just offered them different names.

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And it"s recently concerned my fist that even though "The Ides the March" described March 15 in the famed Shakespeare play, that it actually just normally refers to the an initial full moon that the month, i beg your pardon doesn"t take place for a couple more mainly this year. The full moonjust happened to loss on march 15 the year they assassinated Caesar.
Speaking of Caesar, I just made a killer Caesar salad v spring mix, dressing, feta, croutons, and these exceptional chickpeas. How"s that for a slick segue? no impressed? Meh. Well, i tried.

The good news is the Trader Joe"s Greek Chickpeas with Parsley & Cumin don"t disappoint. I average as long as you like chickpeas and also parsley and also cumin... Yet it would certainly be stunner to buy these if girlfriend don"t favor chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, right?
I myself am a large fan the chickpeas and constantly have been. This product is a nice small twist on regular garbanzos. They come pack in a medium-thick oil that"s zesty, tangy, and surprisingly flavorful. There"s a little of lemon in there for part citrusy zing. There"s clear cumin and also parsley, but likewise garlic, pepper, and salt. I can honestly just eat the beans ideal out that the tin and also be perfect happy, yet they walk well through salads, sandwiches, tacos, nachos, or any kind of dish the welcomes bean of any type of kind.

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$1.79 for the 2 serving container. I love the simplicity and also convenience of the product, despite I perform wish there to be an easy means to re-seal the believe after opening. Also I could not eat this totality thing in one sitting. I guess there"s always tupperware come the rescue. They"re shelf-stable and ready-to-eat. Ours had actually a best-by day a an excellent 15 month after the day we purchased them. These could just become a pantry staple if I have actually anything to say about it.
Posted byNathan M. Rodgersat6:52 AM

These watch great! ...Though I do really wish they had actually upgraded and used extra virgin olive oil instead of the vastly inferior soybean oil. I will still probably try them for only $1.79. Many thanks for the review!


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