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Kat Dahlia - I Think I'm In Love doyourpartparks.org doyourpartparks.org to 'I Think I'm In Love' by Kat Dahlia: When you say give me your hand Baby I'm falling I hope ... Log In. Create Free Account. false Notifications. Account Settings. Log out ... Time's a ticking hearts are running ... Keep you hunting for my lovin' ... 'Cause I can't admit that you got all the strings ... I'm trying hard to trust you
THE WEEKND doyourpartparks.org - AcquaintedAll my niggas think I'm crazy cause I'm thinkin' 'bout us lately. But really if I could. I'd forget about ... 'Cause every time I try to, try to, try to run. The fast life keeps gaining on me, shit. But ever since ... I'll keep on touchin' on your body. I'll keep on...
MONTGOMERY GENTRY doyourpartparks.org - Lucky ManGod's given me a pretty fair hand. Got a house ... a coffee can. My old trucks still running good. My ticker's ticking like they say it should ... Got some friends who would be here fast. I could call em any time of day ... If You Wanna Keep An Angel
ALOGIA doyourpartparks.org - "Secret Spheres" (2005) albumThe clock is ticking, time is running out. The world keeps turning every day and night. So many circles, so many lies, Darkness is falling in paradise... I keep my dream deep in my heart. It gives me ... Look into my eyes and you will see! ... You're falling fast to hell and back! Don't try to understand! ... To live in the hands of life...
DIABOLICAL doyourpartparks.org - "Synergy" (2001) albumYou blew out the candle. With the key to freedom in your hand. The only light ... 2. Ashes II. The clock is ticking - time is running out again ... And my phrases got emptier every day ... The truth ain't stainless it will only deceive ... But the lack of alternatives keeps holding me back. So i keep exploiting the hunger that i appease
SHEALEIGH doyourpartparks.org - What Can
I Say?... Can I Say?" song by SHEALEIGH: You, treat this like a game But it's my heart And it's breaking all because of you The hour glass i... ... The hour glass is running out. And you're still trying to fill it up ... I'm all done and now I'm all out of time
E-TOWN CONCRETE doyourpartparks.org - "The Second Coming" (2000) albummay the bridges that I burn take out my enemies. ... cause' the world done put you on your ass kid. run fast. the type the cops can't catch kid. numb, when you
DA BRAT doyourpartparks.org - Runnin Outta Time
doyourpartparks.org to "Runnin Outta Time" song by DA BRAT: Hmm, wonderin' where you been, baby, baby I've ... At the moment in time, my vision must have been blurred
SHIHAD doyourpartparks.org - "Shihad" (1996) albumI can't slow down, my minds moving too fast ... I said brother, try to relax ... He said fine and then he threw me out the door ... gotta run to keep up, gotta keep on the case ... Wait till it takes you by the hand ... and the time keeps on ticking'
SWORN ENEMY doyourpartparks.org - "The Beginning Of The End" (2006) albumCan't escape these thoughts in my mind. Could it be my time ... Fate of millions rests in my hands. Now this do I ... The strength of the few runs through my veins ... I'm burned out I tried my best ... What you trying to say to me my time is ticking ... My life just keeps slipping away ... I'm falling fast cant keep living life like the past
MADONNA doyourpartparks.org - Hung Updoyourpartparks.org to "Hung Up" song by MADONNA: Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time ... Those who run seem to have all the fun ... I can't keep on waiting for you. I know that you're still hesitating. Don't cry for me 'cause I'll find my way
CARACH ANGREN doyourpartparks.org - "This Is No Fairytale" (2015) albuma sadistic motherfucker who could not keep his hands off his own kin ... One time he took a knife and stabbed her twice. ... Ticking on her window. ... Father still passed out on the couch. ... Run! The monster is still asleep. And his two children run fast while they weep ... My sweetest lies all lead towards a bitter place instead
QUEENSRYCHE doyourpartparks.org - "Promised Land" (1994) albumI'm trying... to understand the chapters of the path from my darkest day. ... So we keep these people inside these walls, from society. Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd, they can't leave. ... and time keeps ticking. ... fled the fast lane. ... My global mind reaches out for the truth. ... I needed to run, needed to try so hard.
SANCTIMONY doyourpartparks.org - "Hell In Stereo" (2007) albumHeading fast to the hidden side road I know. I cut the lights and go ... You can hear them come, here they come ... Red glow on my right hand finger tips. Smell of ... The worshiped hell runs no more. My ... Sedate and keep him close for all times ... Keeps my clock on ticking ... Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM doyourpartparks.org - The Cold (2010)Take a stab at all my dreams and visions. Lash out, maybe ... of my soul. How should I keep time from ticking away ... Coming at me so fast I can't run. Years of ... Every path that I take is washed out. Every star ... I try not to talk. Behind the ... Life keeps giving me an uphill climb ... Hands are shaking mouth is dry and. My heart...
JOE BROOKS doyourpartparks.org - Till My
Heart Stops Beatingdoyourpartparks.org to "Till My Heart Stops Beating" song by JOE BROOKS: I can't hold it down, Or hold it in, Cause I got a feeling, That I've finally found. I've waited on...
DR. SIN doyourpartparks.org - "Bravo" (2007) albumThey're always trying to numb in your brain ... Clock is ticking, time is short. He will just keep going his way. No one ... Tha rain keeps falling over me ... His hands are shaking ... Watch out, legions are marching in ... Don't stop. Can't run, Can't hide. Go away, Make my day. We learned to walk ... He's at full throttle going fast
ANGELSPIT doyourpartparks.org - "Blood Death Ivory" (2008) albumYou can suck my cock, 'cause I'm tired of sucking yours. Ticking boxes, sting you up with your heels clicking. Burn like ... Light snack becomes dinner time becomes dessert becomes ... Beat at the head 'til you run red girl (night working blade girl) ... Lets keep a souvenir, like your tattoo ... You bring out the self-loathing, in me
THRESHOLD doyourpartparks.org - "Psychedelicatessen" (1994) albumSunseeker. i've spread my wings i've cut the strings my puppet days have died i've prayed until i have free will i've shut out all the lies i can't make sense of...
MISERY INC. doyourpartparks.org - "BreedGreedBreed" (2007) albumWhat a lovely word, I could spend my whole life bowing that thing, sixsixsix! Rich, rich ... Hand on the bible I swear they're after me, I'm their meat. ... You keep on calling this a child's life. ... Breaking point of my self-deception, somehow I'm running out! ... Fury keeps me going, trying, breathing, walking, fighting, everything!
JIMMY BUFFETT doyourpartparks.org - It's Five O'Clock SomewhereMy Jamaican vacation's gonna start right here. If the phone's for ... I could pay off my tab, pour myself in a cab, and be back to ... It's always on time for Margaritaville, come to think of it. I ... OK, well I just want to make sure you keep it between the navigational beacons. ... Let's get out of here!
QUORTHON doyourpartparks.org - "Purity Of Essence" (1997) albumYou're hurrying way too fast these days. I wish there was a way that i could turn back time and then set off a new start ... Maybe that's why I never held your hand ... You keep your VCR running almost constantly ... So all I do is staring at my ceiling where the rain keeps coming in .... I tried to get it all out of my f*ckin' head
TESTAMENT doyourpartparks.org - "Dark Roots Of Earth" (2012) albumNowhere to run my native blood. I wanna ... Blistering my soul but I can't feel. You hear me say, get out of my way .... My instinct ticking like a time bomb ... Denied to keep control and order ... The balance of life is at hand ... She tries to flee but she's trapped in this curse ... Winds of change, keeps you searching for the truth
PUSSYCAT doyourpartparks.org - "Whipped" (1992) albumFASTER PUSSYCAT doyourpartparks.org - "Whipped" (1992) album, including "Charge Me Up", "Too Tight", "Out With A Bang"... ... Winds your ticking time bomb .... When the well runs dry ... She tried to squeeze the shakes out of me ... Can keep it strong ... It's out of my hands when the feeling leaves the station ... That keeps me satisfied.
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER doyourpartparks.org - "Speak Your Peace" (1990) albumTry to run but only crawl ... My brain. Desperation of a world, when will it change. The need for peace the need ... The final countdown's slowly ticking away ... But still this insanity keeps on dragging me down ... A slight of hand a twisted mind ... Keep pleading your causes while you sow your hate ... We are running out of time
FAITH OR FEAR doyourpartparks.org - "Punishment Area" (1989) albumTry to move ahead, but I don't think I can. There will come ... You better reach around, and get it out of there real fast ... When there's other things to do you waste my time ... The government keeps spending ... As time runs out, in a deadly battle we fight a losing bout ... The rich keep getting richer and the poor they just die off
TEARS FOR FEARS doyourpartparks.org - Everybody Wants To Rule The World... to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you Acting ... It's my own remorse ... Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
HAKEN doyourpartparks.org - "Affinity" (2016) albumMy view. Initiate Live here and now. And forever or never. I observe a world jarring ... A million people waging war at the hands of a god ... An affliction fast consuming and fascinating me ... Tears will run dry ... To keep your sanity ... Take some time to process the evidence ... An ethereal force keeps the beat in all our hearts
VALENTINE doyourpartparks.org - "Scream Aim Fire" (2008 ...BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE doyourpartparks.org - "Scream Aim Fire" (2008) album, including "One Good Reason", ... The only way out is to die! ... Takes you by the hand! ... Don't try to stop me from avenging this world! ... No more will I run from you! ... Shattered glass keeps falling ... The clock is ticking; .... The time has passed too fast
MOONSPELL doyourpartparks.org - "Extinct" (2015) albumBreathe out, You reached the ... The heart is a ticking time bomb ... Tears run fast, and so did blood. But nothing could break through your ice, break through your ice ... Keeping the web alive and well ... I know that others have tried ... Darkness take my hand now ... And how the music we listen keeps fading, she's lost control
MICHAEL KISKE doyourpartparks.org - "Instant Clarity" (1996) albumTime's Passing By 10. So Sick ... Get it out. Make it loud. Sing it! I got it comin' there is nothing that can stop me ... The bomb is ticking, I know it's gonna blow up ... When you keep the grip to push it higher ... Somebody take my hand and lift me up to something good .... Sometimes it's hard to see that you're running out of luck
ORGANIZED CHAOS doyourpartparks.org - "Inner Conflict" (2011) albumHold my hand, I form your mind ... I dictate a song of teeth attacking mouth, hand stabbing leg, ... As I scan my life, I can't contemplate in this complicated world ... Can I Breath in. Without choking. Let me out! Why can't it all be the way I want ... A slight moment is enough to remember, to forget, a life time ... Inside we try to hide
AMARANTHE doyourpartparks.org - "The Nexus" (2013) albumTime creates a vortex ride. Let it out. Of my sanity. It's a source of my serenity ... Can't you see who I am I'm invincible ... But this power runs deep in my soul .... I was just the man who meant to set you free. I tried to. Make you a part of me ... Eating from an empty hand ... It's like I travel faster ... As infinity keeps me alive...
I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN doyourpartparks.org - "Music For The Recently ...11. There Will Be No Violins When You Die ... I am forever covering my tracks, I'm standing hear with little less than an existence. ... So say goodbye, close your eyes for the last time, questioning everything that went wrong. ... We are falling fast to the ground. ... As you gaze up at the sky, as your frail hands reach out for mine.

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MERCENARY doyourpartparks.org - "EverBlack" (2002) albumYou can eat my dust. Swallow you may. Spit it out if you must... On the run. The road keeps on turning, away. Now I'm gone. Forever you'll be searching, for me
NASUM doyourpartparks.org - "Grind Finale" (2005) compilationMy Fear 26. Fur 27. A Game Played By Society 28. It's All About The Information 29. ... Instead of running away from the truth ... It happened so fast, the earth had enough .... Try to get out, you try to get out, what kept you then sure as hell keeps you now ..... Born and raised the clock is ticking, what will you do with your life?
DEAD BY APRIL doyourpartparks.org - "Let The World Know" (2014) albumI could ask have you seen yourself in the mirror? I'd rather keep my dignity ... But next time we meet down the corridor. ... And it keeps saying it doesn't hurt. Chaos ... Try hard to see the person I am ... The heart machines are ticking ... We're greyed out bit I'll not give up on us, no I won't ... Stop the clock and the hands of time
DEATH ANGEL doyourpartparks.org - "Relentless Retribution" (2010) albumI wash my hands of the troubled past. A brand new feast ... No time for reflection, just time to proceed ... And they will feel when their world cracks ... Where stronger men had to run ... While the air keeps growing thinner ... You hiss out the blame ... Eternal seconds keep on repeating ... Ticking like a bomb that's got your name
Elvis Presley - The Sound Of Your Cry doyourpartparks.org doyourpartparks.org to 'The Sound Of Your Cry' by Elvis Presley. The clock by the bed is ticking too loud in the quiet night / I lie in the darkness thinking I must go.
ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET doyourpartparks.org - "Grim ...Wipe them out cause they wanna hurt us ... Keep driving through the flames ... Is this the best that you can do? ... Keeps on killing me since the dawn of the first betrayal ... My dark, dirty name makes them run ... Death comes fast on the arena of champs ... With blood on their hands and hatred in mind .... But time is ticking


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