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My surname is not andre, and also I have never heard of EverydayWinner, so i forwarded the article to spam report (7726).

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After providing the source number, I gained the response:

Free Msg: the is likely that your article came native a quick code, please return to the initial message and also reply STOP.

Okay, fair enough. When replying to protect against to the initial message, however, I acquire a warning:

"This may reason charges to her mobile account" - ns have countless texting, for this reason I need to not it is in recieving charges from my finish - is this walking to somehow pay the owner of 39664? What charges have the right to I mean as a an outcome of this?

I'm on an LG-V20 with an aggressively updated version of the acceleration android OS and default messenger.

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If you have a messaging plan there are no charges because that sending and also receiving traditional messages, consisting of those avoid messages. The very first time you post a short code, numerous devices will offer you a warning about potential costs because of Premium messaging charges. It's to plan to educate you of possible charges as soon as you authorize up because that those services, yet the maker has no means of understanding if the short code has any costs or if you're currently subscribed. Care can examine to see if over there are any Premium messaging charges top top the account native subscription services prefer that. They it seems to be ~ to it is in making a resurgence recently like spam Caller identifier spoofing.

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Thank you for the reply, an initial time I've essential to usage spam reporting, so believed it odd that it was questioning me come respond to the post directly.

I'll walk ahead and also do that then.

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