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"This man Moaned at least This Loud" is a memorable quote uttered by a man describing a vehicle accident in a drivers" education and learning DVD video Love come Accelerate, which has been commonly featured in remix videos ~ above YouTube.


In 2003, the DVD Love to Accelerate was released as component of the Speed & Aggression Toolkit released by The nationwide Road Safety structure and dispersed by Ohio room of publicly Safety. In the video, two drivers discuss a street gyeongju accident and also the results of the selections they"ve made, in addition to eyewitnesses adding an ext depth come the tragedy. At around 2:44, a guy imitates what it was like to hear an hurt driver moan (shown below). On January 19th, 2012, YouTuber alloway7884 uploaded the complete video.


On Oct 19th, 2015, the moaning segment that the video was reuploaded to YouTube.As part of the extremely viewed necessary Videos playlist made by eljolto<1>, it has got over 700,000 views. Top top November 5th, Redditor SkoffMyWillie submitted a post around the scene to /r/AccidentalComedy.<2>

On January 18th, 2016, the Spicy mim YouTube channel uploaded a remix that the Gamecube console loading display screen with the moan audio included (shown below, left). On respectable 12th, YouTuber kmlkmljkl uploaded a mashup that the moan scene v the music video clip for the 1986 rock tune "Livin" on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi (shown below, right).



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Yesterday, actress Lindsay Lohan announced that she"s selling a limited one-of-one NFT resembling it s her in fursona type and Twitter is going barking mad over it.

A sister layout of "Quit having Fun" recently acquired a work again, please again that records the the atmosphere of "let world enjoy things" without gaining obnoxious.

The clip originates from Saweetie"s new Years night 2021 Bud light Seltzer Sessions performance and also has newly found new life top top TikTok.

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