Known as The Centerpiece of Connecticut’s yellow Coast, Darien is a city in Fairfield County and also is among the country’s wealthiest communities.

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Darien is home to various locations of interest that provide recreation and recreation for its visitors, including Pear Tree allude Beach, Cherry Lawn Park, and also more.

The city boasts its rich and remarkable history through the Darien Historical culture and The Mather Homestead.

If you’re searching for a place where discovery, leisure, and recreation room abundant, start planning your expedition to Darien.

Check the end this perform of the ideal things to execute in Darien, CT, to know what to do and where to walk in this wonderful town.

1. Pear Tree point Beach


Pear Tree allude RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 656-7325

Considered as among the many stunning beaches in Fairfield County, Pear Tree point Beach rests ~ above 8 acre of land and offers variety of recreational methods for its visitors, such as picnicking, swimming, and more.

Why You must Go

If you’re trying to find sights to check out this weekend, don’t miss out on safety a day at Pear Tree allude Beach. This clues is a great place to take your household for some funny under the sun.

Not only that, yet the incomparable views readily available at this beach make the suffer better.

What to Do

Pack her swimsuits, coast towels, sunscreens, and other swimming essentials before heading to Pear Tree suggest Beach. Nothing forget to bring a invited picnic basket so the you have the right to enjoy a nice picnic in ~ the beach.

Spending a day in ~ this beach is certainly one of the top things to execute in Darien through kids.

2. Darien historic Society


45 Old kings Hwy NDarien, CT 06820(203) 655-9233

Established in 1953, the Darien Historical culture displays substantial collection of end 8,000 objects significant to the town’s history. This museum acquires much more than 3,000 travellers yearly.

Why You need to Go

If you’re searching for cheap tasks to do near you, head come the Darien Historical society and uncover the history surrounding the town.

You’ll see tons of artifacts in this museum, including various flags dating ago to the civil War, quilts, a commonwealth Tall case Clock, and an ext — some of the most unique things to see in Darien.

What to Do

Go ago in time and get a glimpse of Darien’s history when girlfriend visit the Darien historic Society. Learn around the far-reaching events that transpired throughout the early starts of this town.

This museum is just one of the many recommended locations to go today if you interested in learning an ext about Darien.

3. Darien Library


1441 post RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 655-1234

Opened in 1894, the Darien Library carries a vast choice of books and also movies the the library’s visitors can enjoy.

Why You must Go

If the weather isn’t too participating during your visit come Darien, visiting the Darien Library is a an excellent alternative for indoor ingredient to do when it’s rain or cold.

This library is additionally a an excellent place to visit if friend enjoy analysis books because there are loads of alternatives to pick from.

What to Do

Stop by at the Darien Library and spend a couple of hours doing some leisure reading. With all the books housed in this library, you’ll surely discover something that will tickle her fancy.

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4. Cherry Lawn Park


120 Brookside RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 656-7325

Known together Darien’s 2nd biggest park, Cherry Lawn Park rests top top 27.5 acre of land and also offers lot of of recreational opportunities for locals and tourists visiting the town.

Why You need to Go

If you’re trying to find nice locations to visit in Darien where you have the right to take your loved one for a date, head come Cherry Lawn Park. This park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and more.

Plus, friend can lug your hair babies along if you desire to.

What come Do

Plan one outdoor date at Cherry Lawn Park and explore the substantial land the highlights the beauty, beauty of nature. After i m sorry you have the right to enjoy a picnic at one of the designated areas and enjoy the surroundings.

A day at this park is surely among the most romantic things to perform in Darien because that couples

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5. The Mather Homestead


19 Stephen Mather RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 202-7602

Built in 1778, The Mather Homestead offered as the family members home that the late Stephen Tyng Mather, who founded the nationwide Park Service. This house has been on the national Register of historic Places since 1966.

Why You have to Go

If you enjoy visiting historic houses, make certain to protect against by The Mather Homestead. You’ll discover the definition of this home as well as the world who resided in it.

What to Do

Stop through The Mather Homestead and also discover more about Darien’s history.

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6. Cove Island Park


363 Weed AveStamford, CT 06902(203) 977-4140

Less 보다 10 minutes away from Darien, Cove Island Park offers assorted recreational opportunities for locals and also tourists, including hiking, swimming, and more.

Why You should Go

If you’ve run out the fun things to do in Darien, heading come Cove Island Park is wonderful alternative. Through all the activities easily accessible at this park, you’ll surely reap a day outdoors.

What to Do

Enjoy the scenic views available at Cove Island Park together you stroll come the 83-acre land. You can also take a dive in the water and also enjoy a picnic lunch after a brief hike.

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7. Connecticut Welcome Center


I-95 NorthboundDarien, CT 06820(203) 731-2840

A famous layover for tourists visiting the town, the Connecticut Welcome center provides information around the best locations of interest that that is visitors need to go to during their trip.

Why You need to Go

If you need to understand the most recommended downtown spots come visit, definitely stop through the Connecticut Welcome Center. The staff will certainly gladly assist you solve your itinerary for a memorable trip to Darien.

What come Do

Stop through the Connecticut Welcome Center and also double-check the information on her list come ensure that every little thing is exact for a smooth and also worry-free trip.

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8. Stony Brook Park


Darien, CT 06820

Situated on Ledge Road, Stony Brook Park is one 11.3-acre park that features walking trails, waterfalls, and scenic see of nature.

Why You must Go

If you want to spend a day outdoors, Stony Brook Park is a must-visit. This park boasts the beauty, beauty of nature i m sorry is a perfect place to appreciate the surroundings.

What to Do

Stroll v the easily accessible trails until you reach the waterfalls and also admire all the areas that girlfriend pass with as you go along.

Aside indigenous the transportation expenses, stopping by in ~ Stony Brook Park is among the most suggested totally free things to perform in Darien.

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9. Jimmy’s Southside Tavern


340 Heights RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 309-5090

Opened in 2010, Jimmy’s Southside Tavern offers great food, booze, and also a good time for its customers. Some of the food they serve encompass burgers, tacos, and also more.

Why You need to Go

If you’re looking for a hang-out spot in the city, definitely head to Jimmy’s Southside Tavern. V the range of food on their menu, you’ll surely find something that you’ll enjoy.

Plus, recording up over some booze through your friends is one of the favorite points to perform in Darien in ~ night.

What to Do

Bring her friends come Jimmy’s Southside Tavern and also enjoy a night out accompanied by great food and also drinks.

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10. The Darien Nature Center


120 Brookside RdDarien, CT 06820(203) 655-7459

Established in 1979, The Darien Nature facility houses plenty of animals, such as African Pygmy Hedgehog, Cockatiels, and more.

Why You need to Go

If you’re looking for cool attractions in Darien, visit The Darien Nature Center and also check out all the unique animals housed in the facility. This place is also wonderful place to take your youngsters for an educational experience.

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What come Do

Stop by at The Darien Nature Center and also discover information about animals you might not have actually seen before and also learn your behaviors and backstory.