The half thing pertained to mind only due to the fact that as you claimed it seems to be limited just come me rather than some sort of problem with the trading system itself (other world who have the right to succesfully trade cannot iniatite a trade v me). That said because the only thing I profession is vapor cards I"m not sure what the problem could be, so I"m guessing it"s part glitch. Again, any help would it is in appreciated.

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I don"t think that is a geographical thing. Ns am from the US and also I have been obtaining this error since around Feb. 4th. Ns can"t do or receive trade requests. I have narrowed it under to me not being may be to obtain items in trades. Strangely, I can still send item to various other people but not obtain anything.
Yeah I had actually my buddy overseas test it and also still nothing, so i don"t think it"s a location thing. EDIT: out of curiousty ns tried sending out a gift to someone and also still acquired the very same error.
I had one open up as well, however made the stupid wrong of tagging it through Trade half which obtained me the boilerplate "tough luck" reponse. Sent ago a clearer request therefore helpfully I"ll obtain some valuable info to article next time around.
Yeah I offered it a couple of days to settle on it"s own however gave up on waiting and also opened my very first ever vapor Support Ticket yesterday.
I"ve been getting the same error for the critical week or so. Weirdly enough tho I have actually occasionally been able to trade TF2 items just fine throughout that time, simply not any kind of Inventory stuff like cards etc.
I uncovered that I have the right to send trade offers when it"s TF2 --> TF2, however if I shot to send an sell of TF2--> heavy steam Inventory or even vapor Inv. --> vapor Inv. That"s when the error occurs.For every little thing reason this began happening a few days earlier for me, formerly I had no worry sending trade provides of any type of kind other than for the sometimes error or the article server walking down.
Still having actually the same problem, walking on a mainly + now. Hopefully if this is influence enough human being they"ll come up v some type of fix and/or update.
I don"t pat TF2 or anything therefore yup, just vapor inventory, mainly cards. I haven"t bought any type of cards native the market since the holiday sale. I"ve been working on trades and also seeing how much I can gain without to buy anything off the market. Would they be trying come make us use the industry so castle can acquire their cut?
I"m still able to use the classic trading technique to trade for cards, it"s just offers that refuses to occupational for me.

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