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When the Darlings roll right into Mayberry after ~ Charlene has her baby, Sheriff Andy — after whom her infant Andelina is called — has actually one request. That hasn"t heard Charlene song in a while. Can she song a song?

The episode is referred to as "The Darling Baby," and also once Andy provides the request, the Darlings patriarch Briscoe piles on, asking Charlene to song that love tune he therefore adores.

"But that one provides you cry, Paw," Charlene says. Briscoe prompts she to walk on with the tune.

She sings: There is a time because that love and also laughter / The days will pass choose summer storms / The winter wind will follow after ~ / yet there is love, and love is warm.

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The remainder of the Dillards join in, and as you know, the harmonies space stunning.

There is a time for united state to hover / once time is young and so space we / The woods room greener, end yonder / The course is new; the world is free.

Charlene continues on alone:

There is a time when leaves are falling / The woods space gray; the paths are old / The snow will come, when geese room calling / We require a fire against the cold.

Charlene"s huge eyes seek out she brothers, and once again they sing the chorus in lovely harmony. By then, Andy is already so moved; he stop his picking.

There is a time for us to float / when time is young and so room we / The woods are greener, end yonder / The route is new; the human being is free.

It"s in ~ this allude that Briscoe breaks out his hanky and also starts dabbing in ~ his face. Charlene"s voice it s okay quieter and also the Dillards sign up with in come repeat the chorus in a climbing crescendo prior to finishing the song.

When they"re done, Andy says, "Well I think that’s the prettiest thing I ever heard."

But the thing is, Andy is robbed.

In this cherished version of "There Is a Time" — a song written through the Dillards, the really real, pioneering bluegrass band featured on the show as the Darlings — Charlene stops singing prior to she delivers the final verse. Review it now so you have the right to appreciate the song"s somber last note:

So perform your roaming in the springtime / and you"ll uncover your love in the summer sun / The frost will come and also bring the harvest / and also you can sleep when day is done.

On The Andy Griffith Show, the Dillards perform many songs, few of them covering songs, and also some of them originals favor "There Is a Time." however while this is the just time we hear nearly all the lyrics on the show, if you have a careful ear or if you as with bluegrass, you might’ve noticed the song features on the show an ext times than simply this once.

In the next season, because that the illustration "Aunt Bee, the Swinger," Andy breaks out the etc at the end of the episode, and when the strums it, instead of singing, that whistles along. His whistle is haunting and also beside that on the wicker loveseat is Andy"s ultimate bride Helen Crump, whose eye fill v adoration as soon as she establish the notes. (Perhaps Andy has actually played her this song before?)

But climate the track comes back again one last time because that a very special final performance. In the seventh-season episode "The Darling Fortune," it"s the last time we see Denver Pyle as Briscoe and Maggie Mancuso together Charlene. They had actually to find a great way come say goodbye, and, of course, that came under to song selection.

The very first song play is "Salty Dog," and also it"s a rousing dance tune that watch Charlene do-si-do-ing about Andy"s life room. Then later on in the episode, after it’s been chose that Helen Crump would make a an excellent bride for one of the Darling boys, they pick a really special song to court Helen: "There Is a Time."

We listen them singing offscreen before we see Helen role her eyes and also call Andy that drives right over in a hurry to put a stop to this attempt to stealing his girl. As soon as we carry out see the Darlings, the camera pans end to Briscoe, clean everything his eyes v his hanky as soon as again.

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"There Is a Time" comes earlier again and also again, and also its wholesome text – about taking advantage of her youth, finding love, reaping the harvest the a good life lived — is appropriate in line v the themes that Andy"s father-son talks through young Opie. It"s rather a second theme for the series.

For the reason, we have a hunch the "There Is a Time" is Sheriff Andy’s favorite song. What carry out you think?