i am setup the header photo in doyourpartparks.org and also when I click on the chop button, it reflects me the following error:

There has actually been one error cropping her image.

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There is too tiny information to be fully sure, however usually this error occurs as soon as doyourpartparks.org cannot find the graphic library which have to be installed on her server. So you should examine with your provider to view if Imagick and/or GD space installed.

You have the right to also include this tiny snippet of password in your functions.php paper to make sure doyourpartparks.org looks for both (often it only looks because that Imagick):

add_filter ("wp_image_editors", "wpse303391_change_graphic_editor");function wpse303391_change_graphic_editor ($array) return array( "WP_Image_Editor_GD", "WP_Image_Editor_Imagick" ); This snippet will look for GD first and then because that Imagick. The last gives much better quality, but uses much more memory, which can additionally lead come server errors.


I solved this installation the following library

sudo apt-get download php5-gd -> because that php5

sudo apt-get install php7.0-gd -> for php7

sudo apt-get download php7.2-gd -> for php7.2


I was dealing with same issue and unable come understand how to settle this worry by complying with given ideas on every portals as I am no hardcore programmer for this reason it to be not feasible for me to understand their tricks however Now i have successfully troubleshooted this image cropping issue and also am sharing my trick just how it was troubleshooted.

You just have to open your xampp controller and also stop both the solutions Apache and also MySQL and now click on congfig switch of Apache and select PHP(PHP.ini), After selecting you will watch a config file, find

;extension=gdtext, Now just remove ; to allow gd services at your mechanism for PHP as by default it comes v commented and save the document and restart both solutions Apache and MySQL.

I hope this will help you.


I had actually encountered the same worry with mine blog, after searching for a while uncovered out that it was because GD library because that PHP which was not installed on the server

Since mine server is hosted on CentOS, to uncover the GD Library package in ~ CentOS repository

$ sudo yum list available | grep "gd"Identify GD Library package name and install it

$ sudo yum install php-gdRestart apache service

$ sudo company httpd restartA detailed short article that i wrote can be found here through command calculation screenshots

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