If you"re spring to get all music CDs in NEO: TWEWY to unlock the No Music, No Life trophy, we"ve gained a guide right right here on whereby to get each one.

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Neo The people Ends v You Map Pointers
NEO: The people Ends v You follows its predecessor in having an absolutely great soundtrack complete of cool rap and pop tracks. Some of the standard tunes return native the an initial game and some are fully original, through the latter still nostalgically treading the same musical waters as the former.

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You can collect CDs in the video game for each tune on the soundtrack — 51 in total. If it would be fun simply to have actually as a collection, this CDs do have actually a function. When evaluating your collection in the documents menu, you have the right to select any kind of of the tracks to hear to there and then — the track will additionally become your food selection theme!

just how To buy CDs

Neo The people Ends v You CD Shop Tower Records
There space two shops in Shibuya that offer CDs. The an initial is Tower Records, which has actually its own area in the game and is easily accessible during many chapters. The various other is Cyco Records and also is found in the Udagawa Backstreets. This shop is less available for many of the game, so snatch up all the CDs you have the right to when you can.

listed below are 2 tables detailing which tracks are available at which store. If the shop is not marketing that CD yet, girlfriend must simply progress in the key storyline until they display up. Every solitary CD is bought at one of these 2 shops except track 1: Wander approximately Shibuya, which is provided to you automatically at the begin of the game — it's the default menu theme ~ all.

Neo The civilization Ends v You Tower documents Shibuya Map
Track No.Title
Track 3The beginnings of a Happy Life
Track 4Storm
Track 5Your Ocean
Track 6Kill the Itch
Track 7bird in the hand
Track 8Insomnia
Track 9Hustle and also Bustle
Track 10Rockin' Rockin'
Track 12Breaking Free
Track 13CHASE
Track 14We're shedding You
Track 15Shibuya Survivor
Track 16DIVIDE
Track 18unconscious
Track 19Unpainted
Track 20World Is Yours
Track 21Beyond Oblivion
Track 22hopeless
Track 23disturbance
Track 24death throes
Track 25a relaxed mind
Track 26act the fool
Track 28peaceful day
Track 29take away
Track 30LITTLE things - JP

Cyco Records, Udagawa Backstreets

Neo The world Ends with You Udagawa Backstreets Map
Track No.Title
Track 34Someday - JP (NEO Mix)
Track 35Someday (NEO Mix)
Track 36Ooparts - JP (NEO Mix)
Track 37Three minutes Clapping (NEO Mix)
Track 38March top top (NEO Mix)
Track 39The One Star (NEO Mix)
Track 40Make or break (NEO Mix)
Track 41Revelation - JP (NEO Mix)
Track 42Hybrid - JP (NEO Mix)
Track 43Hybrid (NEO Mix)
Track 44Revelation (NEO Mix)
Track 45Jump Over you yourself (NEO Mix)
Track 47Calling (NEO Mix)
Track 48Twister (NEO Mix)
Track 49Transformation (NEO Mix)
Track 50Twister
Track 51Rockin' Rockin' (Live Version)
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