This is a guide to the pursuit titled The Warble the a Smitten Knight from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out on to learn locations, rewards, finest choices, ideal outcomes, and also useful tips and also strategy because that completing this quest.

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- The Warble of a Smitten Knight -

The Warble of a Smitten knight Choices and also Best Choice


Tell Guillaume around Vivienne"s Curse

If you made decision to call Guillaume around Vivienne"s curse, the quest will automatically play out with Vivienne picking the water method.

Keep her Promise come Vivienne

If you made decision to store your promise through Vivienne and not tell Guillaume around her curse, the pursuit will automatically play out with Vivienne selecting the egg method.

Best Choice

The best selection here is to Tell Guillaume about Vivienne"s Curse. Doing this will carry out the ideal ending because that this quest.

The Warble of a Smitten article Tips and Strategies

Combat Strategies

Panther girlfriend can actors the Signs; Aard, Igni, and also Axii to influence them v statuses and also give yourself an opened to attack.
Panther Weaknesses and also Loot
Wight cast the Axii sign on lock to shock them for a far-ranging amount the time and also attack them native behind.
Wight Weaknesses and Loot
Barghest Coat her Silver Sword v Spectre Oil to deal bonus damage to them. You can cast the Yrden Sign and also fight roughly it to offer yourself a many time to evade their quick attacks.
Barghest Weaknesses and also Loot
Knights throughout this fight you can not use indications or Bombs, for this reason the best means to deal with them is to assault them native behind while they space distracted by your team.Sir Gregoire teacher Gregoire has actually no weaknesses, therefore the best method you can address him is by attacking him native behind whenever the is vulnerable.

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Is The Warble the a Smitten Knight precious It?

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