It to be a wedding and nearly a funeral on critical night’s Real Housewives the AtlantaEva Marcille said “I Do” to Michael Sterling in a supervisor lavish ceremony and also reception the was completely upstaged through NeNe Leakes‘ drama through everyone.

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Eva’s wedding gown had a 400 foot train (length and width) through these monster insect leg points that moved out from her bust favor rings of Saturn. Essentially the bottom component was Princess Diana. Meanwhile, the optimal was extraterrestrial Queen. Ns really didn’t acquire the effect.

Especially as soon as coupled v Eva’s hair, i beg your pardon featured an substantial crown thingy the looked prefer it belonged with a Frozen costume and frizzy hair underneath her veil. Also, super long pointy matte white nails prefer she painted them with White-Out. You know you did the in center school too! Anyway, ns felt prefer the entirety look was stiff, overdone, and not an especially flattering. Very costume-like. Simply me? 

Eva’s dress was so substantial she might barely obtain onto the altar next to Michael.I’m pretty sure she could’ve smothered at the very least several badly behaving Housewives under the dress alone. In ~ one point Shamari DeVoe may have passed out under over there after gaining Eva’s money worth at the open up bar.

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Still Eva and also Michael to be happy, and in love, and also their vow were lovely. The actual wedding venue to be gorgeous and also shockingly tasteful. Eva’s wedding planner walk a good job! also Eva’s agree dress, for every its drama, turned out to be much prettier and fresher 보다 the yes, really ceremony gown.

Who did no look happy or in love, although her dress was fantastic, was NeNe. Actually, NeNe’s dress reminded me that TwoFace, the Batman Villain. I’m sure she didn’t realize the irony of this. However, it was also perfect (pun intended). NeNe was claimed to go to the wedding v Shamari since both their guys couldn’t attend, however at the critical minute, she referred to as to tell Shamari she most likely wasn’t even coming at all! even though NeNe was booked to do a wedding toast come Eva and Michael. Which means NeNe was more than likely texting Eva as she was obtaining dressed for her wedding therefore Eva can beg she to display up. I can’t perform an eye role emoji from mine computer, however trust me – it’s there.

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Shamari wound up being the “very proper third wheel” come Tanya Sam and also her fiancé. They started doing shots in the vehicle on the method to the ceremony. The course, it escalated indigenous there. Maybe Marlo Hampton is right and also Shamari does have a drinking problem? maybe she has social anxiety. Or worries with her marriage. Or she misses Ronnie DeVoe. Maybe Shamari is tired from gift alone with twins every the time. Or probably as she later tells us, she just didn’t eat every day.

I hope this isn’t the pattern, since that is a entirety separate worry which do me realize that everyone is always gasping over exactly how tiny Shamari is. Eating prior to drinking is college freshman logic to go with the “college freshman drunk” analogy Shamari offered to NeNe when apologizing for puking all over her bathroom. Have no worries. The maid cleaned the entirety thing up! and also Shamari offered NeNe a brand-new bottle the booze come apologize because that wasting her previous one.


NeNe bawled transparent the ceremony. Then, she precise ran the end as shortly as Eva and also Michael began their processional i beg your pardon had Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, and Marlo chasing after ~ her. No this event an alleged to be around Eva? NeNe confides come Cynthia that just before she involved the wedding Gregg stated he want to separate. Cynthia is shocked. NeNe and Gregg are currently in separate bedrooms, yet NeNe confirms that Gregg meant separate houses. NeNe appeared strangely OK with this possibility.

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Cynthia doesn’t want to listen this now. She was simply imagining it s her standing at an altar together Mike Hill, wearing one more behemoth the a weird dress. But, this time saying vows to a man she actually believes in. One that hasn’t – simply days before – invested all her savings in a failure business. Cynthia understands whereby NeNe is comes from though. She’d rather carry out a long distance connection with someone she loves, 보다 be in the same home with who she doesn’t. Cynthia virtually shudders at the memories of she time v Peter Peachter bank Account Eater. Meanwhile, Mike confesses to the other guys that a third marriage – because that him – no seem to be on the agenda. Time for the dreaded ‘relationship goals’ talk!

NeNe reveals that Gregg has actually been very, very mean come her. She says no one should have to put up v the points he states behind closeup of the door doors. In fact, the Gregg we watch publicly is very different indigenous the Gregg NeNe has put up with all these years. She’s regularly taken the blame as soon as she do not do it have. Yikes – that’s rather a damning accusation.

NeNe’s confessions space interrupted through Shamari teetering over, slurring about how she observed some tweeeeetszzz NeNe posted around Gregg. She is right here for her. Marlo do the efforts to support Shamari away, yet come top top – Shamari go know around being married come a condescending asshole!

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There is various other drama additionally brewing: Kandi and also Porsha Williams must talk come NeNe around what happened during the No Wig party. Marlo has since included more drama to an already stressful situation. She called NeNe the Kandi and also Porsha were talking shit around her when they all had actually lunch. Also, we find out that after Porsha and Kandi left, Porsha called someone (we never learn whom) still at the party. And also she can hear NeNe rampaging in the lift that next time she observed them there would be issues. That doesn’t yes, really sound favor a risk so much as an emotional, more than likely tipsy woman, venting. But, I typical this is Real Housewives and also they adhere come a various moral code.

Anyway, Kandi and also Porsha space upset. They are chatting amongst themselves about how to take care of things once Marlo plops down in between them. She decides she will bring NeNe over so everyone have the right to air their grievances. Wasn’t Marlo just annoyed through Shamari because that bothering NeNe and also bringing up upsetting topics once NeNe is already an emotional mess? also isn’t that funny that currently Kandi and Porsha space friends again?


Predictably, NeNe take away no accountability for she outburst and also physical aggression in ~ the No Wig party. Then, she accuses the ladies of not supporting her when she’s going through such a harrowing time. Ns agree through NeNe that as soon as she said Kandi and also Porsha no to walk in the closet, lock should’ve respected that. However, that didn’t justify her lashing out physically and becoming for this reason verbally abusively.

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And yes, throughout this time she friends should be much more forgiving of her unpredictable emotions. However honestly, NeNe is the woman who cries ‘No Love’ even when everyone is sucking approximately her. So, it’s a tiny hard to expropriate her argument. Additionally what occurred with Porsha’s belt? Eventually, Porsha and Kandi decision they simply don’t care around the No Wig drama. All is forgiven. In fact Kandi in reality apologizes come NeNe, so there’s your support Ms. Leakes!

Then Marlo reminds NeNe the she is because of make a toast come Eva and Michael, i m sorry is sort of the totality reason lock all below at a glorified prom with just as much high college drama. As NeNe is making her way to dinner, Shamari stumbles over and also is therefore drunk she more than likely thinks NeNe is a twin. She slur-screams that she is THERE because that NeNe and wants come hellllp. Then, Kandi drags Shamari off to the dinner table for this reason she can slur-scream the Eva’s mom is sooooooooooooo gorgeGJUS.

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Shamari suddenly realizes she hasn’t eaten anything but bread all day. Um, is it yes, really a good idea because that Ronnie to be leaving Shamari residence alone all the moment with twin babies? Shamari appears to require a nanny for herself!


Since NeNe is a professional, that is constantly performing in ~ this point, she rallies to make a few generic comments about love and commitment come Eva and also Michael. Climate she goes back to the table to cry into her $1,000 dinner, which was more than likely generic as well. Thankfully Eva was so bursting v love and she no seem to notice anything was amiss.

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TELL us – WHAT DID girlfriend THINK the EVA’S WEDDING? to be NENE gift SELFISH?