The Purpose propelled Life Devotional for Kids includes 365 devotions that tie come the themes and also ideas discovered in the bestselling The Purpose pushed Life. Composed at a 3rd to 4th grade level, each devo consists of a Scripture, short message, and prayer or believed for the work to assist kids find who they room in God"s eyes. Recording the understanding of the brand-new generation way ensuring they understand their purpose and grow up i was sure of their value in God and also their connection to Christ.

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God created each that his children with a purpose in mental . . . The moment is currently to, thoughtfully and prayerfully, begin the incredible journey to finding that reason.


The Lord"s Prayer Children"s Book

“Perhaps the many important role you have the right to play in the life the a son is to teach them to trust God with prayer. It’s the crucial to living with hope.” —Pastor Rick

That’s why it’s so crucial to strengthen the hope of youngsters by introducing them come Jesus’ model for prayer at an early age. And also we’re excited to assist you do that with Pastor Rick’s children book, The Lord’s Prayer: words of Hope and also Happiness.

Filled v thoughtful insights from pastor Rick and also stunning illustrations indigenous award-winning artist, Richard Jesse Watson, this publication brings the poetic bible from the King James variation alive for reader young and old. It’s certain to come to be a coherent bedtime ritual, a treasured memory, and also by god’s grace, a tradition that bears good fruit for generations to come.

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Connecting through God: The Lord"s Prayer complete Audio Series

The Lord"s Prayer is among the most well-known prayers in the Bible. It"s likewise one the the richest, filled through hope and answers come life"s many stressful instances and complicated questions. Sign up with Pastor Rick together he mines each verse of The Lord"s Prayer, both uncovering God"s wisdom and also discovering what it truly way to be spiritually connected to God and also to one another. Your life will certainly forever it is in transformed.

Messages include:

Message 1: You"ve obtained to gain ConnectedMessage 2: Prayer of ConnectionMessage 3: Prayer the SurrenderMessage 4: Prayer of DependenceMessage 5: Prayer that CleansingMessage 6: Prayer that ReleaseMessage 7: Prayer that DeliveranceMessage 8: Prayer of Fulfillment