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I"m update wwise unified integration from 2016.2.2 to 2017.1.3. After ~ the update, I gain this compile error

Assets/Wwise/Deployment/API/Handwritten/WwiseTypes.cs(6,14): error CS0101: The namespace `global::" already contains a an interpretation for `AK"

The problem come from Wwise_IDs.cs i m sorry has

public class AK public course EVENTS ...

I regenerated the header file Wwise_IDs.h v Wwise 2017.1.3, then regenerated Wwise_IDs.cs with Unity->Assets->Wwise->Convert Wwise SoundBank IDsbut the problem remains.

What can be the problem?


askedOct 25, 2017in basic Discussionby Nam H.(350 points)
I simply tested through an empty project with only wwise unity integration along with a brand-new wwise task with a straightforward event. The an insect is still there. The generated Wwise_IDs.cs still has actually a class called "AK" which is conflicting through namespace AK.Wwise in WwiseTypes.cs. This namespace was not existing in the previous variation we used.
commentedOct 30, 2017by Nam H.(350 points)

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3 Answers

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Is there any kind of update ~ above this issue? walk you solve it?
answeredJan 5, 2018by mockery m.(150 points)
We finished not upgrading Wwise as it was no urgent and also haven"t tested newer Wwise since. We have actually no upgrade on the issue. It seems prefer a simple issue once trying to usage Wwise_IDs.cs v Unity so either we have a stunner configuration difficulty in our job or there"s an problem with Wwise unified integration. Currently that I watch there"s +3 votes, I understand we"re no the only ones with this problem.
commentedJan 8, 2018by Nam H.(350 points)

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Same probelm here with latest wwise/unity integration
answeredJan 19, 2018by Ruben R.(240 points)

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The workaround because that this is to rename "public course AK" come "namespace AK".

It"s supposedly been addressed inWwise 2017.2.1 unity integration however I haven"t experiment it myself.

answeredFeb 11, 2018by Nam H.(350 points)

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