The Librarians Season 3 episode 7 Review: and also the Curse that Cindy

Flynn and also Jake spent many of the episode sidelined by the love/obsession potion, Apep reared his ugly head, and also DOSA when again presented its bizarre incompetence.

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And there was a quite scathing indictment of the sort of reality series a la big Brother, too. It to be the horrid treatment of nice-girl Cindy that started her down her dark miracle path.

I was fairly annoyed that Cindy fully escaped precise any type of punishment because that what amounts to brainwashing and kidnapping dozens the people and stealing a missile.

Indeed, Ezekiel even justified her actions under the premise the "magic corrupts." Okay, fine, magic corrupts. But you need to use magic in the very first place for it to corrupt.

Though it yes, really was funny to watch Jake and also Flynn do eyes at every other. And also Jake"s poetical praise of Cindy if under the spell was absolutely entertaining (as were Ezekiel"s expressions).

And every the people fawning over Cindy was both entertaining and also creepy at the exact same time, specifically coupled through the oversaturated color scheme the the compound.

Possibly my favourite scene, though, was once Ezekiel confronted Cindy, which provided us v this exchange:

Ezekiel: I already love, trust, and also believe in someone so lot I can never it is in swayed. And that human being is me.Cindy: that doesn’t occupational on you due to the fact that you’re an *egomaniac*?Ezekiel: No. I don’t require other human being to make me think in myself, to validate me. And also you don’t, either!

The an initial two lines are actually pretty funny, but throw in the third, and you in reality pause come think about Ezekiel Jones.

Despite everyone"s evident belief that Ezekiel"s a substantial egomaniac, he has actually consistently demonstrated that he cares for the team. Check out The Librarians Season 2 illustration 8, "And the suggest of Salvation."

Curiously, this was no the first time Ezekiel"s proven immune to hostile magic, either: he totally shrugged off any kind of effects that the to apologize of Discord in The Librarians Season 1 episode 5. That time, it was supposedly due to the fact that he currently was the "worst" version of himself.


This time, we space treated come three possible explanations: he"s an egomaniac, he"s exceedingly well-adjusted, or the was already in love with Cindy (per Jake). What carry out you think?

DOSA, meanwhile, made its return in its typical incompetent style prior to vanishing totally from the scene for no discernable reason when Jenkins pce them v the cure.

Really, go earlier and watch the scene. They every cleared frame and also were never watched again. A totality barnful of males who were looking for the Librarians, who were standing best in prior of them, and... Poof!

I didn"t call Apep possessing the witch, though I probably should have, offered the hilariously insane maniacal laughter after ~ she (he?) collection the evil arrangement in motion.

Apep seemed to be enduring from fairly common villain ailment that needs them come gloat or effort to death the heroes in overly facility fashions rather of just, you know, shooting them.

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Of course, then our heroes would be dead and also the illustration (and most likely the series) would certainly be over, so...

It to be nice to have actually Apep in the mix, messing points up and generally bring about chaos, though one does wonder why he"s aiming therefore small-scale. If he possessed, say, the president of the unified States, couldn"t he reason much much more chaos?


A couple of final thoughts prior to I turn the conversation over to you:

It"s one thing to inspection odd happenings, it"s another to have a paramilitary pressure with access to missiles.Anyone else actually feel poor for that DOSA man Eve punched in the face?At last! Flynn finally shown that he"s using genuine magic once he provides that "We"re the Librarians" line.Cindy should really consider visiting a therapist to resolve her issues. Less, ah, horrible than brainwashing people.DOSA has apparently to be investigating the Library for years. How countless years? room we talking several years or numerous decades?I choose Mac & Cheese native a box, too. Nothing quite choose it for comfort food!

If you haven"t yet, be certain to clock The Librarians online. Track in top top January 8, 2017, at 8pm top top TNT because that The Librarians Season 3 episode 8, "And the Eternal Question."

What did you think the "And the Curse that Cindy"? Why do you think Ezekiel to be immune come the obsession potion? did Cindy acquire off as well easy? allow us understand in the comments ar below!