Keyboard and controller interface being problematic as soon as trying to access Ansel.

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Lighting and also texture problems, frequently reported in ~ Gladin Quay or v the High Resolution texture Pack.

Crashing as soon as resting or tallying EXP.

No 5.1 audio.

Audio queue issues.

Falling through the floor or area collision loading also slowly.

NPC or mite dissapperaing.

Steam registration to the appmanifest for the DLC items, an especially the High-Resolution Texture pack not gift completed properly and also causing repeated download that it.

SLI and/or CrossFire and/or various other incredibly specific hardware construct based problems.

Lighting and/or troubles within Ansel usage.

To access and install the High Resolution textures Pack, firstly grab that from the heavy steam STOREFRONT.

PLEASE NOTE: problems have been reported through the structure pack, they may be reported within this object to be passed onto support in a comprehensive message.

Within Steam, right-click on final FANTASY XV windows EDITION and also select PROPERTIES. Accessibility the DLC tab ~ above the right-hand side, check the box next to the FFXV HIGH-RESOLUTION PACK and hit close. It should start downloading automatically.

To allow it within the game, on the main menu walk to OPTIONS, and also GRAPHICS. Choose ASSETS and readjust to ON, and also HIGH.

If the High Resolution Texture load does no download, within heavy steam select the heavy steam menu in the upper-left, walk to SETTINGS and then DOWNLOADS. Choose DOWNLOAD REGION, change it to another surrounding and save your changes. Close and also restart Steam, and retry the download.

Lagging, stuttering, or a short framerate

Tweak GraphicsConfig.ini until you reach the wanted performance.

Set heavy steam In-Game Overlay to desktop mode if making use of a controller. Otherwise, you may disable it completely.

If showing game Pad or M&K controls top top the screen, try isabling On-Screen manage Display via choices > overview in-game fixes the issue.

If cutscenes reason your frames to drop together low together 5-15 frames per second, disable Nvidia VXAO.

Certain Players v flicker concerns have had actually their trouble solved by capping your frames to 59; others are reporting 30.


White flickering - Nvidia regulate Panel's FXAA has conflicts with in-game's Filtering settings, either rotate off Nvidia FXAA or drop Filtering settings to short to remove white flickering. If persisting v Nvidia FXAA off, shot drop Filtering to low as well.

Black flickering - can be many things: memory leak, negative CPU overclock, poor GPU overclock, et cetera. If overclocking your PC, try lowering the intervals.

No sound or a consistent high-pitched noise

Switch to either stereo or 7.1 channels.

No Borderless Mode

You can enable Borderless setting via GraphicsConfig.ini by setup "HardwareFullScreenMode" to 0. However, this is not recommended as it will reduced performance.

Game attempts come launch in complete screen yet then shows a grey window

Only works in Windowed Mode: computer mouse clicking and also holding onto another home window (as if attempting to traction it) until the game finally loaded.

Rolling ago the driver.

Everything Else

Some users have reported the unique K mode by Kaldaien has solved their issue. However, her results might vary.

If nobody of this involves your post, please neglect me.

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Created Jul 21, 2012


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