Where to discover the abandon Ship artifacts in God the War

The Lake that Nine stays up come its name, and we"ll aid you discover all 9 Artifact locations.

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God War has actually plenty of artefacts to hunting down, and also refreshingly they’re not simply there for completionists. Finding artefacts will knife you a little of lore because that the game, yet they can likewise be offered for a nice boost of Hacksilver, the in-game currency you should upgrade your gear. In this overview we’ll assist you secure every deals with of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact in God that War.

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Where to discover the encounters of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifacts

Spread transparent the 2nd mission the God that War, path to the Mountain, The encounters of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic artefacts are a series of masks for you to collect. I m so sad you won’t have the ability to wear them, however they have the right to be sold for a tidy 9,0000 Hacksilver. You’ll usually find the masks alongside a dead body, therefore if girlfriend spot a items slumped on the floor climate you’re probably in the best place and also should look because that a shiny object nearby.

Faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 1

You’ll find very first Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact a great way right into the mission. When Atreus and Kratos room ambushed by a tape of men, you’re in the right spot. Death them all to clear the area, then rise up the adjacent chain and also look for one more chain to rise down. Store travelling follow me the path and also you’ll discover the faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic artifact lying in ~ the feet of a dead knight.

Faces that Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 2

Once your Leviathan Axe has actually been upgraded through Brok and also you’ve defeated all the enemies, head to the forest on your right. In below you should uncover a ledge come drop down. At the bottom you’ll find one more fallen knight v the encounters of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact in former of him.

Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 3

You’ll have the ability to grab this Artifact ~ speaking v Brok for the very first time. Do you means through the brand-new area and you’ll come throughout a number of spiked walls and also an same spikey roof. Raise increase the roof and also get through to the other side. Prior to you rise out into the open you’ll uncover the deals with of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact close to the body on the ground.

Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 4

Once you departure the cavern filled v spiky trap you have the chance to grab an additional Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact. Follow the cliff leaf round and you’ll find a items lying alongside a few trees. Seize the Artifact lying in ~ its feet.

Faces that Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 5

This Artifact forced you to unlock the rotate disc door you’ll encounter. It should be flanked by two big statues. When through, enter the cave and stick to the left-hand side. Girlfriend should uncover some runes painted across the rocks i beg your pardon lead approximately a swimming pool of water. The faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic mask if relaxing in the water.

Faces that Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 6

You won’t have the ability to get the next faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact until Kratos and also Atreus find the boar and attempt to take it it down v an arrow. Drop under to the burned town here and head come the left whereby you’ll find a man pinned to a tree. Opposite that is a hut. Head round the back of this to uncover the Artifact.

Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 7

Your next chance come sndoyourpartparks.org an Artifact is after you satisfy the Witch. Head forward right into the cavern system and take the course to the left. After you jump down to the lower level, traction the big slabs out and also push them right into the water to do a platform. Jump across your brand-new path and the confront of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact will certainly be lying alongside a body.

Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 8

The penultimate encounters of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact can’t it is in earned till you’re ~ above your way back from the inside the mountain mission. After you rise up the fine you can discover the mask complying with a quick trip under the course towards the Witch’s house.

Faces the Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact 9

The final faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact is in The river Pass, close to the Witch’s tortoise house. Exit the house and also climb increase the chain in front. Take the source to the left and you’ll discover the faces of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact. If you miss this Artifact the first time round you’ll have the ability to grab the (much like Artifact 8) as soon as you return after ~ the within the hill mission.

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Great work collecting every encounters of Mdoyourpartparks.orgic Artifact, however why prevent there? The following items come collect are the Abandon ship Artifacts and also we"ve gotthe guide to help you for all of them.