Climb out of the water and along the jetty, going up the stairs. Collection the body on the floor top top fire and also you\"ll find yourself in a little courtyard. Head come the structure on the right and also disarm the trap. There\"s a conserve room right here which you have the right to use. Take her time trying out this building and the rest of the homes here because that plenty of kind loot.

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Once you gain upstairs monitor the room around until girlfriend come across Dr Jimenez. After the cutscene you\"ll watch you require to acquire the gate over the much side open. Open the crank as soon as the Dr propmts you to execute so, then perform some more exploring in this peak level. You\"ll be struck by at least three enemies, but hold her ground and go for head shots.

Around this area you\"ll discover plenty of matches, ammo, Green Gel and also some grenades. Don\"t it is in tempted to use the grenades - conserve them because that later. Take her time and also you\"ll be able to kill any nearby enemies easily. There\"s at least two axes and a flaming torch in this area, so go for the one-hit kills.

Now go downstairs and also outside right into the area where Jimenez distracted the enemies. Store low together one adversary will try and snipe friend from a distance - you deserve to creep around and also up on the later. You have to work v each structure here, looting and also killing every the enemies to do your course through the gate lot easier.

Note: You\"re eventually going to have to let the man with the chainsaw free. You\"ll hear that grunting and also growling but for now he\"s in the barn behind a wood barrier. Don\"t go also close come him and also you\"ll it is in fine. If you acquire too nearby he\"ll rest free. You only want him totally free when everyone else is dead and you\"ve cleared the area the loot.

In the two buildings on the left you\"ll discover Green Gel, ammo and other parts, and the alley between the two has actually a chest through an Explosive Bolt. Be mindful of any type of Bear Traps and also enemies. The 2nd building on the left has actually the Agony Crossbow and also the Shotgun upstairs top top a chair. Sometimes the Shotgun appears in the house on the far right, so have a an excellent look around.

Right over on the right hand next you\"ll check out a tall watch tower with a really long ladder. There room a pair of Bear Traps nearby, so be certain to creep and also disarm them prior to climbing. In ~ the optimal you\"ll find a Flash Bolt and also some Green Gel. As soon as you\"ve cleared the end every room because that loot and also have eliminated the enemies, you have to be packing as numerous as 30 catch parts.

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If you currently head over to the gate you\"ll see that you require a chainsaw. Now is a an excellent time to usage that conserve room again, before heading back to the barn. It\"s time to deal with the monster behind the barrier.

First, construct Explosive Bolts in her inventory utilizing the grenades and trap parts. Now shoot lock on the ground about the barn floor. Shooting one ideal at the foot the the obstacle where you have the right to hear the grunting, one top top the edge in front of the pig sty, and also the last one just exterior the barn entrance. Don\"t worry, friend won\"t set them off yourself.

As you gain close come the barrier he\"ll smash through and also hit the very first explosion. Store backing away and he\"ll walk right into two more. Some much more enemies have actually appeared, yet don\"t worry about them together they relocate slowly. Once the third Explosive Bolt has actually done that is magic, finish him off v a blast from the shotgun. One or two must be sufficient to fall him, and then miraculously his minions likewise disappear.