concern The entity form ApplicationUser is not part of the design for the current context. Updated EDMX *

I am making use of DB an initial with EF.. My database already exists so ns have followed this post.. Especially stink"s answer.

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I have actually scripted the tables right into my currently existing database.

So currently in my web.config I have this:

So the initial link string DefaultConnection that came through the production of this application is currently commented out.

And in mine IdenityModel.cs I have actually this now:

public class ApplicationDbContext : IdentityDbContext windy ApplicationDbContext() : base("FakeExistingDBConnectionString", throwIfV1Schema: false) public static ApplicationDbContext Create() return new ApplicationDbContext(); When I try and it is registered a user.. I obtain this:

The entity kind ApplicationUser is not part of the design for the current context.

Just to be clear.. Mine existing database walk contain the aspnetroles, aspnetuserclaims, aspnetuserlogins, aspnetuserroles, aspnetusers tables.

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How carry out I resolve this?


Entire link String:


Added this connection string come web.config:

Then in mine IdentityModel..

public ApplicationDbContext() : base("NameConnString", throwIfV1Schema: false)
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suspect this is her EF EDMX connection string:

The link string above most most likely triggering the problem, due to the fact that generated link string provides EntityClient instead of SqlClient provider which forced by EF to interact with data source. Note that you require to encompass standard SQL Server connection string targeting the DB wherein ASP .NET identification tables created.

Hence, correct setup for her DB connection string must be like this:

Another link string because that EDMX:

Additionally, the link string referenced in ApplicationDbContext need to refer come SqlClient provider connection string:

public ApplicationDbContext() : base("FakeExistingDBConnectionString", throwIfV1Schema: false) Then, update the EDMX and also ensure girlfriend can manage users (create, login, update, password reset etc.)

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