The department 2 is a very social game. There are lots of various ways come get involved with various other players, whether that’s hanging out in safe houses, comment the distress phone call of various other Agents, banding together with your best buds, or annihilating your other gamers in the Dark Zone and also PvP. There is additionally the new clans system, i beg your pardon is massively improved from the first game and also proffers some very rare rewards for those who want to pat as component of a bigger group.

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However, all of these social features can be a little confusing at first – especially when many of these attributes must be unlocked v various and also at different points in the main campaign. In stimulate to assist you navigate the miscellaneous social facets of The division 2, we have put with each other this handy overview for partying up and playing with friends.

Bear in mind that all players will certainly be play in the open human being of the party leader, i beg your pardon is come say against enemies of their level and also completing your missions also if friend haven’t unlocked them you yourself – no to worry though as all of the progression is still counted once you jump earlier into your own game.

Party members will show up as blue symbols on your HUD and also map, if clan members will gain a yellow icon. Girlfriend can also fast take trip to any member of your group so lengthy as you’re no in combat, which renders getting around a doddle.


How tojoinfriends in The department 2

First points first, you have the right to either select to play v friends or v strangers. There are a few components come either an option so it deserve to seem a little fiddly initially. Playing with friends is actually pretty straightforward though. Just hop into your social food selection in video game (which you can accessibility by opening the key menu v Esc) and then send her friend an invite. This should give them a prompt to accept and then you’re golden. Alternatively, you have the right to join the your friends without an invite through double-clicking top top their name in the social tab and choosing the ‘join group’ option. The solution go a little deeper than this though so let’s dive in.


The department 2 emergency calls

You have the right to both answer and issue calls for assist in The division 2. These are among the key ways you deserve to play through other people in-game without having actually them as friends. In order to answer a call for help you can do a pair of various things. If you hear the “agent requesting backup” audio line from ISAC and then sign up with using the prompted crucial press.

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If you favor to price slightly much less desperate phone call or simply want to team of v some randoms, climate you can go come a Matchmaking station or the matchmaking food selection on her map screen, which lets you jump into a chosen task with a arbitrarily player of a comparable level.

You can also ask for assist by going right into the matchmaking tab and holding down G. Oh, and if you want to squad up for a mission, simply go to the mission beginning point and also you’ll be given a prompt to begin matchmaking because that that details objective. Every you have to do climate is accept the invite and also you’re good to go. Just be mindful that you may finish up part means through the mission if you execute this.



Clans are an additional brilliant method to get every one of your friends with each other in one place. Friend gain access to them once you must do a couple of objectives for the Theatre Settlement beforehand in the game. As soon as you have actually done this you deserve to recruit a character referred to as Grace Larson. She unlocks the capacity to make a clan, i m sorry unlocks a bunch of added progression choices through CXP.

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You have the right to keep better tabs on clan members who are online, and you obtain some bonuses depending upon how numerous of you there are. The current limit because that clan size is fifty, and also you’ll need a minimum of four members to access some rewards.

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