The hike Balloon is a new game feature in AFK Arena that lets us re-play previous Voyage of marvels realm and also the first featured kingdom there is The depth of Time, a yes, really nice trip of marvels we had ago in September 2019.I have updated this overview here through the little adaptions the the developers made to provide you one up-to-date overview about how to settle The depths of Time step-by-step.

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Depths that Time general & Rewards

The depths of Time are basically a map that’s split by time – or to define it a tiny easier… both political parties of the map have the same basic layout and also you have the right to travel via portals in between the two sides.

Every time you will certainly pick a relic on one side, it will certainly block a course on the other side so picking the correct route through the kingdom is crucial here.You will must fight through the whole map v your very own team (and maybe add a obtained hero), however there are no mercenary camps, resurrection point out or heal fountains.
Now this sounds a little hard yet actually it’s among the simpler realms we had in trip of Wonders and also I’m really glad they choose this one.

What’s The reward In depth Of Time?

In the original version in the voyage of Wonders, we had actually 2,000 Diamonds, a Emblem an option Chest as well as Faction and also normal summon scrolls.Now the rewards space some emblems (heroic and also normal, but no faction emblems), 10x continuous Summon Scrolls and also 480x rarely Soulstones what means 8 fodder heroes. Not too poor after all, yet I’d desired some faction emblems.

The depths of Time Walkthrough

So, without wasting any much more time, let’s gain into the step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – The Beginning

In the very first section, you will usage the portal to walk to the left side and also step ~ above the village. Over there you will certainly see several camps show up but likewise clearing increase some courses in the existing side. Do not fight any type of camps and head earlier through the portal and also you have the right to collect every the chests over there you can reach.

Once did you do it done the you go ago to the bottom top top the right side and travel through the portal come the left side and now you have the right to fight all the camps there except for two.If friend clear every one of them it will block your route to the center portal completely and you have to start almost everywhere again!

Step 2 – The center Section

Now girlfriend head back to the left side of the map v the portal and walk as much as the center portal whereby one camp is ideal in former of it:
Use this portal to obtain to the left side and DO NOT usage THE FIRE! If you use it now it will blow it all up and also you won’t be able to get come the critical boss.
What you do now is clear every the camps in the center section on the ideal side and step ~ above the city and also clear the ambush there – this will certainly make the final boss appear.After did you do it done the you stick on the left side and walk your way up come the height section prefer you can see in the picture on the best here.Do not go through the optimal portal currently until friend have beat all the camps top top the left side top top the optimal and collected the decision Chest.
Now you deserve to use the portal on top of the left side and also go end to the peak of the best side and fight your method all come the final boss there favor you watch in the image above.
You need to defeat the ceo in a certain amount that time or that will actors a spell that resets the battle – fast damages is vital here so take the heroes to fight now that do that, even if friend may lose some. If you’re no dealing damages quickly sufficient you won’t have the ability to beat him.If did you do it done the you deserve to now collect your second Crystal Chest with the wish Chest reward.

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Step 3 – acquire The critical Chest

Now that time to gain the critical chest and the best way if you follow my strategy is now to finish the adventure and start a brand-new run for the critical chest only.So, go ago to The hike Balloon menu and also finish the adventure and also start the again.Sounds strange yet it’s the easiest means to resolve Depths the Time