This week on The Crossing, we find out more about the instance that caused Jude relocating from Oakland to Oregon and leaving his household behind. Jude revisits his old stomatic grounds, hoping that a call from his last instance will aid him v the current one, but he’s forgotten how much push is placed on government employees come stick to the party line and also not make waves.

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Sophie and Reece make plans to reunite Reece and also Lea, yet Lindauer gets in the way. Then Sophie’s heart condition acts up and tragedy becomes a serious possibility. The refugees inquiry the nature of their detention even more than usual, and also Caleb puts Hannah’s phone call to good use.

LKA opens up on a flashback to Jude’s last huge case with his police unit. They to be making a critical minute bust top top a drug dealer in a run down neighborhood. Jude’s partner, Cory, claims something around their commander, Doucette, gaining a kick earlier from a rival drug dealer for taking this one down. Jude think he’s joking and also ignores what Cory said. Lock play rock, paper scissors come decide that knocks ~ above the door. Cory loses.

While they method the front door, Doucette goes roughly to the back. Jude notices signs that it’s a set up. (The former door is hollow, make it much easier for bullets to pass through, and someone is watching for them the end of the window.) Cory is shot in the neck ideal through the door. The shots only miss Jude since he jumps the end of the way just in time. Jude radios for assist while Cory bleeds out.

Jude sits in prior of the medicine dealer’s residence in the existing day when on the phone v Nestor as Nestor asks how long this expedition will take. Jude doesn’t know, yet his friend Martin, that he worked with top top the Doucette case, is the only federal contact that he has and trusts. That’s the only way they deserve to look into Emma’s suspicions.

Sophie speak Rebecca that Leah is totally healed. Rebecca claims that Lea have the right to stay v her and Caleb again currently that she’s well, but Sophie states that an initial she’s sending out Lea to Portland general Hospital because that a full work approximately make certain she didn’t miss out on anything. Rebecca asks just how Sophie cured Lea, however Sophie won’t provide her details. Rebecca guesses the Reece pertained to the 21st century v Lea, and also cautions Sophie no to trust her.

Caleb goes because that a walk in the woods and discovers the guards placing up a 12 foot tall, electrified fence, topped through razor wire. In various other words, a jail fence. He goes to speak to Emma, but gets Bryce instead, that tries to assure him that a “secure perimeter” is standard procedure and also for the inmates residents’ protection. He’s not very convincing, due to the fact that there’s at this time nothing to safeguard them from. Caleb, who’s obviously encountered federal government lies and conspiracies before, stays calm and also leaves quietly.

Flashback to Jude meeting through Martin, his ar attorney friend, and also another man, in a diner to talk about the Doucette case. He speak them the Cory knew that Doucette was corrupt and running a smuggling ring. Doucette found that Cory knew, therefore he collection up the bust that acquired Cory killed, particularly to get rid of Cory. However Doucette and also his human being have acquired away through their crime ring for so long that they’ve gained sloppy, for this reason Cory was able to build up a record of evidence against them.

Even despite Doucette is a decorated officer with plenty of years of service, it’s a good case v a heap of evidence, and Jude is willing to testify. The DA cautions Jude that remainder of the police force will have actually a problem with that testifying against Doucette. Jude doesn’t care. He’s getting justice for his dead partner.

In the current day, martin meets Jude in ~ the exact same diner. Jude speak him around the case with the mandrel Beach refugees and Emma’s suspicions. Martin is with the us Attorney’s office now and he has actually a significant trial about to start. Every he can do is send increase a couple of flares. He’s not sure if Jude is brave or stupid.


Marshall plays Ruby Tuesday (by the roll Stones) top top the ukulele and also sings along, as Hannah listens over the phone. She loves it and they speak music, then about when they deserve to see each various other again.

Caleb comes in and also takes the phone indigenous Hannah. That asks Marshall if there’s noþeles in the media about the refugees and also what the people in town room saying. Marshall says that there’s naught in the media and also the townspeople think they room from a Russian study vessel.

Caleb tells Marshall around the brand-new fence and the increased variety of guards. Gabe (Marshall’s blond friend has a name!!) take away the phone from Marshall and also tells the to gain them proof of the cover up so they have the right to expose it to the public. Caleb states he’ll send lock photos in an hour.

When they obtain the photos, Marshall and Gabe post them on conspiracy sites like,, and Before they hit the upload button, Gabe alerts Marshall the this is the suggest of no return and also asks if he’s sure that Hannah is precious it. Marshall hits the send button.

Sophie does an experiment v Reece’s stem cells and her very own blood cells, mixing them together, then examining them under a microscope. Her blood cells start to glow when they come into call with Reece’s cells. Sophie says, “That’s impossible.”

Sophie drives to accomplish Reece in a secluded spot in the woods. They plan for Reece to take Lea from her hospital room when Sophie’s top top a break. Sophie will speak to Reece as soon as they’re in ~ the hospital, at about 3:00. Reece asks why Sophie is acquisition this risk. Sophie states she wishes her mother had battled as tough for her as Reece is fighting because that Lea.

Sophie additionally shows Reece photos of Lea spring healthy. Reece is relocated to see her daughter looking so boosted from the dying child in the ahead photos. Sophie asks Reece if she’s ever before healed anyone else through her stem cells. Reece grow cold, says no, and gets the end of the car.

Lindauer looks over Lea’s clinical reports and photos, climate he gets an email an alert about Caleb’s photos. He should react swiftly, since before you understand it, Bryce is telling the refugees that the entire camp will be sought the phone, since communication tools are banned. The refugees space told the if they have the call they must turn that in, and also if they understand who has actually it, they must turn that human in.

Hannah was inside her cabin top top the phone v Marshall, therefore she didn’t hear the announcement. Roy come in to search her cabin and she easily pockets the phone. She needles him about the excessiveness of the constraints on the refugees, and successfully distracts the from doing the complete search. The phone call is for sure for now.

Reece payment a visit come Kurt, the fishing boat captain that rescued her after the time jump. She desires him to assist her gain forged ID documents for her and also Lea. She nods toward his tattoo and says come him in Russian that he’s connected, so I’m going to guess the she recognizes a bratva note (the Russian mob). He claims that’s in the past, yet she convinces him come take her there.

Jude goes to his ex-wife’s home to choose up Oliver. The notices the she’s redecorated, also though she’s an alleged to relocate to Portland quickly to be closer come him. He asks as soon as she’s planning to move, but she brushes him off. She asks what his new case is, and also he’s very vague, simply saying it’s a lacking persons case. She states she’d tell the to it is in careful, yet he’s never listened to her before.

In a flashback, Jude gets house from work-related late and is feeling amorous, despite the truth that his wife, Amy, doesn’t it seems to be ~ all the interested. She’s asking questions around the case versus Doucette, and also how attention it’s going to obtain for the family. She’s do the efforts to it is in realistic about what type of retaliation they might face. He’s punch off she concerns, since he’s sure that he’s doing the right thing. Cory was killed and it might have been him.

He pops a ache pill. Amy questions how many he’s taking. That doesn’t price directly, just tells her the he acquired shot, and it hurts. She’s clearly not claimed to question him around anything, because he’s constantly right. At the very least he quit trying to have sex with her as soon as she didn’t desire it.

That whole scene do Jude even more unlikable because that me, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the authors want us to it is in on Jude’s side. Morally, to me, it’s a toss up, whether to revolve in the criminal but risk your child’s life, or come play it for sure to defend your family. The worry here is that he’s do the decision because that the family and doesn’t think she opinion need to have any type of weight, once they’re dealing with a corruption cop who’s already killed at the very least one human being to keep them quiet. No an enig about why this marital relationship ended.

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Kurt bring Reece come the forger, who works in an abandoned waterfront building and also thinks Reece looks favor a cop. She wrestles him for his gun and wins, climate instructs the to open up up her duffel bag complete of cash. Once they ask, she states she acquired it native the bank. Specifically, native breaking open an ATM.

Just as Rebecca is speak that possibly the fence is a an excellent thing, if it can keep Reece out, Hannah’s call rings throughout mealtime in the camp cafeteria. Cutting board happens to be sitting at the next table and hears it, also though Rebecca has actually a pretend coughing fit come disguise the sound. Hannah forgot to turn it off.