The phibìc American Aerospace Defense Command ( is a bi-national joined States and also Canadian company charged v the objectives of aerospace warning and also aerospace control for north America. Aerospace warning has the security of fabricated objects in space, and also the detection, validation, and also warning of attack versus North America even if it is by aircraft, missiles, or room vehicles, through common support kinds with other commands. Aerospace control has ensuring waiting sovereignty and air defense of the airspace the Canada and also the united States. The might 2006 agreement renewal included a marine warning mission, which involves a common awareness and understanding the the activities conducted in U.S. And also Canadian maritime approaches, maritime areas and inland waterways.


To attain these critically vital missions, continuous adjusts its framework to meet the requirements of a transforming world. The commander is appointed by, and is responsible to, both the U.S. President and also the Canadian prime minister. The commander maintains his headquarters in ~ Peterson Air force Base, Colo. The North Command (USNORTHCOM) Command facility serves as a central collection and also coordination facility for a an international system of sensors design to carry out the commander and the management of Canada and the U.S. With an exact picture of any type of aerospace threat. 3 subordinate local headquarters, located at Elmendorf Air pressure Base, Alaska, Canadian forces Base, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Tyndall Air force Base, Florida, get direction indigenous the commander and control air operations within your respective areas of responsibility.

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To attain the aerospace warning mission, the commander of provides an incorporated tactical warning and attack evaluate to the governments of Canada and the unified States. To attain the aerospace manage mission, provides a network of satellites, ground-based radar, airborne radar and fighters come detect, intercept and, if necessary, engage any type of air-breathing hazard to phibìc America. As a component of its aerospace manage mission, assists in the detection and monitoring of aircraft suspected that illegal drug trafficking. This information is passed to civilian legislation enforcement organ to aid combat the circulation of illegal drugs into North America. The command is currently emerging a principle for implementing the new maritime warning mission.

Through exceptional bi-national cooperation, has proven itself effective in its roles of watching, warning, and responding. proceeds to play an important role in the defense of Canada and the U.S by evolving to accomplish the changing threat. The occasions of September 11, 2001 demonstrated’s continued relevance to phibìc American security. Today, offers civil authorities with a potent armed forces response capability to counter domestic airspace threats.

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While the national leadership of Canada and also the U.S. Proceed to filter our response to the terrorist threat,’s proven abilities and unique ability will continue to be a an important part of landscape History- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jan - Jun Vol IX.pdf- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jul - Dec Vol X.pdf- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jan-Jun Vol VII.pdf- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jan-Jun Vol IX.pdf- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jul-Dec Vol X.pdf- (U) 1955 CONAD background Jul-Dec Vol XI.pdf- (U) 1956 CONAD-ADC background Jan-Jun Vol VII.pdf- (U) 1957 ADC history Jan - Jun.pdf- (U) 1957 ADC history Jan - Jun Vol III.pdf- (U) 1956 CONAD history Jul 56 - Jun 57.pdf- (U) 1956-1957 CONAD history Jul 56 - Jun 57 Vol I.pdf- (U) 1956-1957 CONAD history Jul 56 - Jun 57 Vol II.pdf- (U) 1956-1957 CONAD history Jul 56 - Jun 57 Vol III.pdf- (U) 1957 history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1957 background Jul-Dec Vol II.pdf- (U) 1957 background Jul-Dec Vol III.pdf- (U) 1957 history Jul-Dec Vol IV.pdf- (U) 1956-1957 CONAD History.pdf- (U) 1957 CONAD background Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1958 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1958 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1959 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1959 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1960 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1960 CONAD background Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1961 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1962 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1962 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1963 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1963 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1964 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1965 CONAD history Jan-Jun.pdf- (U) 1965 CONAD history Jul-Dec.pdf- (U) 1966 History.pdf