public course GraphCanvas : Canvas ... Windy void renderGraph() Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(); rect.Width = 200; rect.Height = 100; rect.Fill = Brushes.Blue; this.Children.Add(rect);


Re: The calling object cannot accessibility this object due to the fact that a various thread owns it.

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08 Aug 2019, 12:30


Re: The calling subject cannot access this object due to the fact that a different thread owns it.

08 Aug 2019, 16:47

Yeah. The place from whereby I"m calling that function is the location where I receive my data. The reasonable I"m trying to implement is whenever the data gets updated, the UI demands to be invalidated as well. Ns think that error blog post is getting here because I"m do the efforts to access the UI thread from the key thread yet I don"t know exactly how to get over it. Apparantly, the
technique didn"t seem to work. What ways deserve to we invalidate the UI with a thread exterior the UI thread?

Re: The calling object cannot access this object since a different thread owns it.

08 Aug 2019, 17:14

Noesis objects created in one thread can not be accessed from a different thread. We don"t carry out a mechanism to settle that, you must do it yourself, depending on the communication you space using.If Dispatcher is not available in Unity, what the recommended system then?

Re: The calling object cannot access this object due to the fact that a different thread owns it.

17 Nov 2019, 16:18

I additionally ran in several of these issues when update the ViewModel from exterior the calculation thread.Here is my fix, although ns think there need to be a better way.Note that i"m not making use of Unity, but Dispatcher is not available in the Noesis application framework.I usage the below patern: conserve to list -> OnRender() -> Execute every little thing in the list.

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public course ViewModelBase : INotifyPropertyChanged public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; static object syncObject = brand-new object(); revolution List> asynclist = brand-new List>(); private SynchronizationContext _synchronizationContext = SynchronizationContext.Current; safeguarded virtual void OnPropertyChanged( wire propertyName = null) if (_synchronizationContext == SynchronizationContext.Current) PropertyChanged?.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName)); else lock (syncObject) asynclist.Add(new Tuple(this.PropertyChanged, propertyName, this)); public static void consumeAsyncList() lock (syncObject) foreach (var tuple in asynclist) // PropertyChanged currently gets invoked ~ above the Noesis Gui thread. Tuple.Item1?.Invoke(tuple.Item3, brand-new PropertyChangedEventArgs(tuple.Item2)); acynclist.clear();
windy partial course MainWindow : home window //... Public MainWindow() SynchronizationContext.SetSynchronizationContext(new SynchronizationContext()); this.Rendering += MainWindow_Rendering; //..... personal void MainWindow_Rendering(object sender, WindowRenderingEventArgs e) ViewModels.ViewModelBase.consumeAsyncList();
I also tried the usual _synchronizationContext.Send/Post way, however i gained the very same errors, or that didn"t upgrade at all.