SUPPORT because that AFTERBIRTH and also REBIRTH!This mod alters the Sacrifice Rooms right into something an ext useful.There space 32 brand-new and various Sacrifice Rooms.All Sacrifice Rooms require you to shed HP, but every one of them will reward you acordingly for her losses.To install, pick your video game (afterbirth or rebirth) folder, and also extract the "rooms" folder within it to SteamsteamappscommonThe Binding that Isaac Rebirth esourcesI"m do the efforts to make it so as soon as you pick things (in the 4-5 item rooms) the rather disappear. I"m not certain if it"s possible, however I"ll watch what I deserve to do.Narrow rooms are currently in the mod!Now works v Rebirth!KNOWN ISSUE:After the brand-new patch that included some utility to the Sacrifice Rooms (including the fights against the Angels and also teleport to the Dark Room), an issue showed up with the mod:Each set of spikes has actually it"s "reward counter". Because that example, the angels space at respond to 9. Hurting yourself in different sets top top spikes, won"t count in the direction of an global counter, yet towards a specific counter because that each spike set.So in stimulate to acquire the rewards as an alleged to, you"ll need to hurt yourself constantly in the SAME collection OF SPIKES.This doesn"t mean you can"t to walk through other sets of spikes to gain your items native the mod, the just means doing therefore won"t count towards the brand-new Sacrifice Room mechanic added in the critical patch.If friend find any type of room that doesn"t allow you to leaving it without acquisition damage, please let me know. Also, if girlfriend find any kind of room underwhelming, speak something. Your feedback is important!Feedback is very appreciated!Thank you guys!
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Version 1.6 - December 8, 2015Version 1.5 - November 21, 2015Version 1.4.1 - November 18, 2015Version 1.4 - November 18, 2015Version 1.3 - November 17, 2015Version 1.2 - November 16, 2015Version 1.1 - November 16, 2015

- readjusted most rooms for this reason they would be an ext fight-friendly, because now you have the right to actually fight monster there.

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- had to remove a couple of rooms that were difficult to struggle in. I"m quiet figuring the end what to do with them.

- known ISSUE: because my rooms have multiple to adjust of spikes (unlike the vanilla ones), the game isn"t coded therefore the access time you take it stack through each other. This way that, in stimulate to acquire the rewards native the mechanic presented critical patch, you need to hurt yourself constantly in the SAME collection OF SPIKES.

- No an ext devilish (no pun intended) rooms that won"t let friend leave. No more monsters inside the rooms, lock were never a good idea.

- Tweaked a couple of rooms that had actually bugs (and were not symmetrical).

- added 9 more rooms.

- addressed the rooms you couldn"t exit without taking damage.

- If friend find any kind of bug, or any type of room that makes you take damage without letting friend exit, you re welcome let me know.

- included 5 brand-new rooms.

- added Rebirth Support. If you find some bug please allow me know

- Rebalanced a pair of rooms.

- added rooms with just 2 feasible doors.

- added 7 an ext Rooms.

- Rebalanced several of the rooms.

- diminished the load of some more powerful rooms.

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January 8, 2017 - 7:56 to be • 5 year ago
This mode would have actually been great before they make sacrifice rooms a little bit better. Return I"m happy they buffed them, nice job trying to resolve it yourself. Haha.