For the Mega-CD version, watch Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (Mega-CD). For the video game Gear and Master device versions, watch Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (8-bit).

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Spider-Man vs. The KingpinSystem(s): Sega Mega DrivePublisher: SegaDeveloper: Sega of America, Technopop, recreational BrainwareLicensor: Marvel entertain GroupSound driver: GEMSGenre: Action<1><2><3>

Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (スパイダーマン), commonly referred to as just Spider-Man, is a platform video clip game based upon the Spider-Man Marvel comic publication series. The was originally released in 1991 for the Sega Mega journey (alongside a differing grasp System version).


Spider-Man need to defeat assorted enemies and also famous villains native the collection in an effort to avoid a bomb and also save new York. Love interest mar Jane is additionally kidnapped through Venom.



In many stages every lesser thugs (Humanoid enemies only. Bat, rats or other animals do no count) should be beat for ceo to appear. Spider-Man"s spider senses will certainly alert you come bosses.

In front of day-to-day BugleWarehouseSewersPower StationCentral ParkStreets of new YorkUnderground

Police is warm on your tail. Go into Daily Bugle structure from optimal floor and, as Peter Parker, uncover out why everyone is after ~ you. Solitary level. No bosses. No Keys.

Time to find a method to prove your innocence. Investigate surrounding warehouse and also search for clues. One mid-boss, a man driving a forklift and also main boss : Dr. Octopus. Solitary level. Vital is automatically acquired after ceo fight.

Your old girlfriend Dr. Connors has transformed to The Lizard and fled to the sewers. Navigate deadly traps and pitfalls and also acquire Lizard"s key. 2 levels. Vital is in the second level.

Confront Electro in his domain. Evade lightning bolts and gun-toting thugs together your look for his key. Two levels. Vital is in the 2nd level.

Defeat muggers and look for Sandman who deserve to only be defeated by luring him to the fire hydrants. The drops the key after the is defeated. Solitary level.

Criminals are wreaking destruction in the streets. Spider-Man has actually to confront two the his sworn enemies: Hobgoblin and also Venom. 2 levels. Ceo fight in each. Venom shows up without must defeat lesser thugs. Tricks are got automatically.

Time to prevent Kingpin from finalizing his ultimate plan. Loss both Dr. Octopus and The Lizard who changed for a rematch. Protect against the bomb by punching the secrets in order and also finally record Kingpin. 2 levels. If you operation away during fight with Kingpin, he will run away and also you won"t gain the finest ending.



Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin to be the an initial of numerous Mega Drive gamings to be released on the system with a Marvel Comics license (although curiously that is no the very first Mega drive appearance of Spider-Man - he was a ceo in 1989"s The Revenge that Shinobi without Marvel"s consent). It to be a successful video game for Sega, with resources claiming that two thirds that Mega Drive owner owned a copy that this video game in some kind or another at the time.

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The success cause Marvel Comics proceeding their licensing deal they had with Sega of America (mostly in the type of X-Men games), with Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin being updated for the Sega Mega-CD release, with refined levels, graphics and a CD audio soundtrack in 1993.