I"m in the minority, however I didn"t think the 2nd film in the latest Spider-man franchise to be all the bad. It had some severe competition in 2014 from films like X:Men: work of Future Past, Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, and also Guardians of the Galaxy, all of which were premium to impressive Spider-Man 2. But as Spidey flicks go, it was a many fun, and also I really favor Garfield in the location role. there wasn"t a ton of an excellent product though, also at mass sector retailers. Hot Toys choose up the license, yet it"s taken castle awhile to obtain the friendly community spider out to us, at the very least in this new costume. Spidey started shipping just a couple of weeks ago, and also most U.S. Retailers space just obtaining them in. The typical version marketed for about $230. This exclusive version - which includes an extra accessory - was obtainable through Sideshow because that $230 as well.

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Packaging - **** i love package art, also if you never will acquire this number in rather that pose. I also love the angled reduced of package top, and also of course, whatever is completely collector friendly. There"s lot of layers to the plastic trays, every one stop a range of accessories. Everything is safe and sound, and also can be quickly packed back up because that storage if necessary.

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As you could expect, there are bags extending the hands inside the tray. That"s pretty usual with any Hot playthings figure. However, since the lower fifty percent of each hand is currently permanently attached to the costume (more on that later), you"ll desire to be really careful removed those bags. Don"t merely pull them off, since that can damage the costume. Loosen them increase first, so you don"t put unnecessary stress, overload on the wrists.


Sculpting - **** some of these categories will certainly be a small weird, because this format of personality isn"t fairly the norm. There"s no real head sculpt, hence the Sculpt and also Paint category aren"t fairly as obvious.

I"m walk to think about the work on the aesthetic nature of the fit - the ribbing, the eyes, the boots, the symbol - as the "sculpt" for our objectives here.

And all those areas are exceptional - this is conveniently the coolest sixth scale Spider-Man we"ve acquired to date.

It helps the the movie costume was also an improvement, an especially over the impressive Spider-Man 1 version. This more classic comic architecture lends chin to a much better overall look.

They"ve been doing the fit ribbing because that awhile now, however it seems like they"ve really gotten it down through this release. Ns didn"t see any kind of areas whereby it showed up it might pull loose, and also it is very subtle and also smooth.

The price on the chest watch great, yet the genuine selling suggest for me is the large, plastic eyes. That sets that apart from various other releases, and adds that one-of-a-kind something that makes him popular music on the shelf.

While over there isn"t a true portrait, it to be still necessary to have actually the head in scale with the body. They"ve done great job, and also didn"t overdue any of the underlying features - nose, chin, cheeks, hair - that might have led to the mask come look too expanded or out of shape. It"s clear they didn"t simply go with any old sculpted head, rather opting to develop one through the ethereal features essential to do the masking look work.

I do have some other quality worries with the fit itself, but I"ll sheathe those as component of my discussion of the Outfit.


Paint - **** an additional weird category, once you don"t have a head sculpt to critique.

However, there"s quiet plenty that paint, an especially on the accessories, eyes, and also hands. Whatever is clean and also sharp, including to the in its entirety realism. Ns didn"t find one real issue, but be warned - I have heard of people with part staining on the costume ideal out the the package. Be sure to provide your number a thoroughly exam, and attend to any return problems right away.


Articulation - *** The underlying TrueType body has all the superior articulation and engineering the we"ve pertained to expect. These bodies can take natural, flow poses, and the selection of activity is unparalleled.

The suit is stretchy, yet even so, few of the joints are a little bit restricted. The ankles are more than likely the worst, and even over there I suspect that gradually the suit will certainly stretch out a little and allow for depth stances.

I have actually one issue, and also I put it in this category because it seemed to to the right best. Warm Toys went with a contempt different architecture on the hand this time, make them two piece. The reduced half, that includes the wrist post, is attached to the costume itself, and also is no intended because that removal. The upper half of the hand, including the fingers and also thumb, is a different piece, organized in ar with 2 posts and also two magnets.

They went with this style to hide the wrists. While the is absolutely a worthwhile cause, the execution isn"t quite perfect. The hands themselves don"t fit together quite and also they should, regularly leaving a space mid-hand, i beg your pardon is no an ext attractive 보다 an exposed wrist joint.

I commend them because that what they are trying to execute with the hands, yet now they require to boost on the execution.


Accessories - **** This guy is fine outfitted, making it a bit less complicated to accept the price point.

He comes through a chuck 12 different hands - 6 finish sets. I discussed in the Articulation ar that I"m no digging the way the hand swap in ~ the mid-point, but I can"t error them because that the range or sculpts.

There are four web "trails" to use, two that room short and also have the bulb-like ends, intended for shooting poses, and also two that room longer and also simply straight. These last pieces deserve to be offered as swinging webs.

I"m also not happy with exactly how these net pieces affix to the shooters, but I"ll ding the in the Outfit section for that miss-cue. Together accessories, the four chunks of net they detailed look good and are relatively sturdy.

Spidey also comes v a second outfit, as checked out in the movie. There"s a nit hat, under vest, scarf, and also nylon backpack. The quality on every one of these is fantastic, through nice tailoring and stitching. The materials are top quality too, and also this isn"t a negative look because that him, back it probably won"t it is in one you view on a most shelves. The basic Spider-Man looks also damn an excellent to end up covered in various other clothing, however it"s a nice touch because that the psycho-completists that pick increase a 2nd figure, or to usage as kitbash product for various other characters.

The regular release also has a huge mega-phone, perfect because that calming crowds or taking smack to massive villains.

The final consistent release extra is the large, paris pose display screen stand. This is the newer model with the bendable metal short article and large base, perfect for sustaining him in any leaping or swinging pose.

The base itself has a cardboard logo design cover, and also the to exclude, actually consists of a 2nd cover, excellent up in various artwork.

That second cover wouldn"t be enough to speak to it one exclusive, however, and also Hot toys also added in the plutonium canister. This is a pretty cool extra, due to the fact that it plays crucial role in the film, and also if girlfriend can acquire it at the very same price as the consistent release, it"s fine worth it. However, i wouldn"t spend a substantial amount over sleeve to gain it, since it"s not a an important display item.



Outfit - **1/2 This is going to seem a small weird, due to the fact that I just gave this number such high marks - and also praise - in both Sculpt and Paint, and let"s challenge it, it"s all about the suit.

But I scheduled my comments in those sections because that the look at of the suit itself, including the great work ~ above the webbing and eyes, and also the all at once proportions. Right here I"ll be taking around the execution of the suit, i beg your pardon covers areas where I had some real issues - the stitching and the web shooters.

That"s not to speak it"s all bad, however. The stretchy material does permit for far better posability 보다 I"d expected, and yet that looks terrific. The tailoring itself, consisting of the fit, is an extremely nice, at least for the many part.

The wrists space one area that concern. They"ve determined to cover the wrists by attaching the product to the reduced section of every hand, together I debated in the coupling section. However, this material have the right to pull totally free pretty easily, and you"ll want to be extremely very closely posing the hands.

This instance is just exacerbated through the style of the net shooters. These are stitched come the suit on the underside of the forearm, well ago from the wrist itself. Friend are an alleged to insert the tiny end that the webbing in in between the shooter and also the material. While this sorta works, it"s also very prone come damage, and is likely to cause problems over time.

It doesn"t aid that the tight fit doesn"t permit for lot adjustment in the location of the shooter either. Again, take real care in make the efforts to move the suit about the arm for miscellaneous poses, because you have the right to pull the material free on the hand.

Finally, there room some problems with the stitching in various areas. I"m not thrilled v the look at of the stitch ~ above the really top that the head, together it"s relatively wide and crooked, and also in the most noticeable spot it deserve to be.

Most that the remainder of the stitches are decent enough, v the exemption of the left arm. I doubt that the rest of the stitching is excellent by a machine, yet the left arm and side are left open up to insert the body. Climate this left side is stitched by hand, do it more prone come variation and also poor quality.

Even through the issues, this is the ideal looking Spider-Man costume we"ve ever gotten in this scale.

Fun aspect - ***1/2 friend will have a many fun posing and displaying this guy, if you can gain over your fear of damaging the suit with the an ext dynamic poses.

Value - **1/2 I hate to say it, however $220 - $240 seems to it is in the norm right currently for high end sixth scale. Fortunately, you"re obtaining a really good assortment of equipment here, i m sorry helps store the worth at an average score for me.

Things come Watch out For - I"ve heard a lot of human being say they had staining ~ above the suit, and I noticed that he come packed with protectors in number of spots. If you reclaim him in the box, I"d be certain to put these earlier in place.

You"ll additionally want to take it special care with the hands, because the magnets deserve to come loosened and fall out. The picture that shows exactly how the hand work likewise shows exactly how one magnet deserve to pull the other free, do it straightforward to drop. The magnets aren"t really necessary, yet you don"t want to shed them either.

Finally, I suspect that if you put this man in a dynamic pose and also leave that that means for an extended duration of time, the suit will certainly wrinkle and bag. It may eventually return come normal, however forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

Overall - ***1/2 while Spider-Man finished up scoring high, ns don"t want to under emphasize my two main problems - they must do some work with improving the half-hand concept, and I"m really no a fan of exactly how they taken on the web shooters. These two worries were almost enough for me come drop the overall score another half star, even though I"m an extremely happy through the final product.

Even through those issues, that is the best sixth range Spider-Man we"ve gotten, and also that"s saying a lot. I wouldn"t recommend messing approximately with the hands and also the shooters any more than necessary, but once you find a pose you want to store him in, he"ll it is in a crowd pleaser on the shelf.

Score Recap (out the ****): Packaging - **** Sculpting - **** paint - **** articulation - *** equipment - **** Outfit - **1/2 Fun variable - ***1/2 worth - **1/2 in its entirety - ***1/2

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- Sideshow to be the place to pick up the exclusive, but they only list the consistent as obtainable at this point. Either were $230.

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They"ve additionally done a nice environment-friendly Goblin, additionally from the 3rd Raimi movie.

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