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Attentive readers might have currently noticed some little changes in our Journal, because the start of the year. Guidelines come Authors have actually been updated, the intends and Scope have actually been extended… and also a few more adaptations space in the pipeline.

First that all, the Editorial Advisory Board has seen a couple of changes, with some human being leaving for a variety of reasons, and with a few new members joining the EAB (as we speak to it in short). We give thanks to all those who have left, for the occupational they have input right into the peer review process over the years, and also we welcome the newcomers and thank castle for their willingness to serve and help advancement the intends of the Journal, every on a voluntarily basis.

A notification to authors who are submitting their manuscripts. Please describe the updated Guidelines because that Authors (available in English and French in ~ and also adhere to the various requests and recommendations as closely as possible- the will speed up the review process if friend do.

Notice come Reviewers (both top top or outside the EAB): as soon as you agree to evaluation a submitted manuscript, friend will get a file with ‘Recommendations to Reviewers’. Please read carefully and use these referrals to advice the message under scrutiny. The quality of the review procedure is straight related come the top quality of the last articles and the impact of our Journal.

At the yearly Meeting of the Steering Committee composed of representatives of both cultures (SCS and also SFC) and also the Publisher Blackwell, that was chose to include a couple of new article types. In enhancement to the testimonial Articles and the initial Research papers, us shall welcome and encourage ‘Letters come the Editors’ (short interactions that address issues that had been elevated by released material and which would enliven a dialogue in between authors) and also ‘Research Communications’ (manuscripts based on solid, well carried out research of cosmetics interest through scientifically sound methodology yet containing details on details products that might be of attention to the readership, there is no falling into the catch of ‘infomercials’). The decision come publish (or not) an write-up of this kind resides with the Editors.

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Hoping that these (cosmetic?) changes help the journal on its trip to continued improvement and appeal, us welcome your reactions and also contributions.