A SWTOR Augments guide to assist you discover what Augments are, just how to handmade them and why Augmenting your gear is necessary for her character!

Currently up to day for game Update 6.3.2

IMPORTANT: BioWare announced that there will certainly be no brand-new tier the augments through the launch of SWTOR 7.0 The heritage of the Sith Expansion!

I want to increase on the basics about the SWTOR Augments topic i touched briefly in myUltimate SWTOR beginner Guide: all You must Know.

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This here is an thorough overview that what the Augments are, how they work, what varieties are available, just how to handmade them and why it’s necessary to Augment her gear! Augmenting your top Tier equipment is a slow and also expensive process.

Read this guide very closely to learn exactly how to acquire the finest outcome from her time, make resources and money.

Let’s start!

Table of contents

Types and Tiers that AugmentsHow to handmade AugmentsLevel 70 Augments – pre-OnslaughtLevel 75 Augments – Onslaught 6.0+

What room Augments

In Star Wars: The Old Republic there room a variety of ways because that you to enhance your character’s stats and gear. Among the much more advanced and an ext high-level concentrated methods is to location Augments in the items girlfriend wear.

Augments are items that lug you additional stats when put into an north slot. They use a one-of-a-kind Augment slot in your gear. In some situations your character may not need Augmenting, but if you have the right to afford it, I very recommend you ar at the very least some short tier Augments in your gear.

Using Augments is of an important importance when min-maxing her stats.. There room 14 equipment slots in total where Augments deserve to be placed. By default your mod-able gear does not have actually an Augment slot available. You have to develop one making use of an Augmentation Kit prior to you have the right to place an Augment in it.

I’ll explain what Augmentation Kits and also the process of producing Augment slots in details further below in this guide. I execute not recommend you rubbish time and also money on Augmenting her character prior to it reaches level cap. It’s likewise a an excellent idea to Augment tradition bound gear, due to the fact that then you deserve to transfer it between your characters.

Types and also Tiers of Augments

There space a full of seven various Augment types. 4 of lock are generally used by DPS and also Healing classes/disciplines, the various other three room specifically for tanks.

There space three tiers (colors) of Augments:

Green – shortest Tier per levelBlue – Mid-tier every levelPurple (Advanced) – High tier every levelGold (Superior) Only available at lvl 70+

Level 70 Augments (before Onslaught)

If you room going to Augment properly, I imply you begin looking in ~ Item Rating (IR) 236 or higher. If you favor to include a couple of stats to your pool, however not invest a ton that time farming products or money to buy them, ns recommend you select the IR 228 Augments.

They room still perfect fine because that pretty lot all content, except maybe the most hardcore Ranked PvP matches and the toughest grasp Mode operation bosses.

Try come stick to either the purple or even better Gold Augments. Look for “Adcanced X Augment 46” or higher. These space the item Rating 230 that I pointed out above.

Augments labeled together “Advanced” are Purple. The “Superior” ones room Gold

In the table below you will uncover full information about the peak tiers of Augments with the exact stats every type.

NAMEIR 228 – Purple(Advanced 45)IR 230 – Purple(Advanced 46)IR 236 – Gold(Superior 46)IR 240 – Gold(Superior 48)
Versatile+ 65 Endurance+ 96 Mastery+ 67 Endurance+ 19 Power+ 97 Mastery+ 76 Endurance+ 33 Power+ 98 Mastery+ 80 Endurance+ 39 Power+ 99 Mastery
Alacrity+ 65 Endurance+ 96 Alacrity+ 67 Endurance+ 19 Power+ 97 Alacrity+ 76 Endurance+ 33 Power+ 98 Alacrity+ 80 Endurance+ 39 Power+ 99 Alacrity
Accuracy+ 65 Endurance+ 96 Accuracy+ 67 Endurance+ 19 Power+ 97 Accuracy+ 76 Endurance+ 33 Power+ 98 Accuracy+ 80 Endurance+ 39 Power+ 99 Accuracy
Critical+ 65 Endurance+ 96 Critical+ 67 Endurance+ 19 Power+ 97 Critical+ 76 Endurance+ 33 Power+ 98 Critical+ 80 Endurance+ 39 Power+ 99 Critical
Shield(Tanks Only)+ 65 Power+ 96 Shield+ 19 Endurance+ 67 Power+ 97 Shield+ 33 Endurance+ 76 Power+ 98 Shield+ 39 Endurance+ 80 Power+ 99 Shield
Redoubt(Tanks Only)+ 65 Power+ 96 Defense+ 19 Endurance+ 67 Power+ 97 Defense+ 33 Endurance+ 76 Power+ 98 Defense+ 39 Endurance+ 80 Power+99 Defense
Absorb(Tanks Only)+ 65 Power+ 96 Absorption+ 19 Endurance+ 67 Power+ 97 Absorption+ 33 Endurance+ 76 Power+ 98 Absopption+ 39 Endurance+ 80 Power+ 99 Absorption

The IR 228 Augments space cheap to handmade or buy indigenous the GTN (Galactic trade Network). The progressed (Purple) and Superior (Gold) are an ext expensive. Ns only indicate you invest your resources obtaining the yellow Augments if you room a member that a progression PvE Guild or a Ranked PvP Guild. In any kind of other case, you space fine using the violet IR 230 or even the violet IR 228.

Level 75 Augments – after ~ Onslaugh and also Patch 6.0+

The 2019’s SWTOR Onslaught 6.0 expansion readjusted the level lid from 70 come 75. With it a whole brand-new collection that Armor sets with brand-new Set Bonuses, Tactical Items and Amplifiers were introduced to the game. Along come also new tiers of Augments:

Item Rating 276 (Augment 73, Blue) – Craftable. Really affordable and also easy come make. Schematic is available at the crew skills trainer NPC. Reverse design has a little chance to obtain the violet schematic. Items Rating 286 (Augments 74, Purple) – Craftable. Contempt better, yet much much more expensive and hard to purchase/craft. ITEMIR 276 (BLUE)IR 286 (PURPLE)IR 300 (GOLD)
Versatile+126 Endurance+126 Power+ 95 Mastery +144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Mastery+171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Mastery
Alacrity+126 Endurance+126 Power+ 95 Alacrity+144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Alacrity+171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Alacrity
Accuracy+126 Endurance+126 Power+ 95 Accuracy+144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Accuracy+171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Accuracy
Critical+126 Endurance+126 Power+95 Crit Rating +144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Crit Rating +171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Crit Rating
Shield(Tanks Only)+126 Endurance+126 Power+95 Shield Rating +144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Shield Rating +171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Shield Rating
Redoubt(Tanks Only) +126 Endurance+126 Power+95 Defence Rating +144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Defence Rating +171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Defense Rating
Absorb(Tanks Only) +126 Endurance+126 Power+95 Absorb Rating +144 Endurance+144 Power+108 Absorb Rating +171 Endurance+171 Power+130 Absorb Rating

How to craft Augments

Augments and Augmentation Kits have the right to be do or purchased indigenous the trainer NPCs ~ above the fleet or from various other players via GTN. It’s commonly cheaper to handmade them yourself, however not through much.

The biggest difference and benefit to being able to handmade them you yourself is once a new tier is introduced and both make materials and also completed Augments and also Kits jump in prices because that the first couple of days or a week.

Each make Profession have the right to craft different types of Augments. Here’s a complete list that who renders what

Armormech – Absorb | Alacrity
Armstech – functional | Shield | Accuracy
Synthweaving – an important | Redoubt (Defence)
Cybertech – Crafts CM-1337 item because that the Augments 77 (IR 300)

Before you have the right to craft an Augment or an Augment Kit, you need to obtain a Schematic. This are easily accessible usually for rather a cheap price on GTN. They likewise drop in assorted locations.

Here are the compelled crafting materials:

Level 70 Augments – pre-Onslaught

IR 228 (Purple) – progressed X Augment 45

These space the cheap augments. Lock are relatively easy and also quick come obtain and also will not drill a feet in your pockets. Al that the forced crafting contents can be derived via Gathering missions or GTN.

2x Signal Disruptor (Slicing)2x code Recombinator (Slicing)2x Hardrium or Sedrellium or Romex (Crafting products from an proper Gathering Skill)2x unique Crafted Item for the appropriate Crafting ProfessionIR 230 (Purple) – advanced X Augment 46

These are more expensive, carry out a slight rise in stats, together per the table above, but additionally cost quite a bit an ext in terms of crafting materials.

These Augments are easily accessible from the A Traitor amongst the Chiss Flashpoint in its Veteran or grasp Mode difficulty. Crafters cannot do these. You can discover them on GTN, however, but their price is no worth the stats increase.

IR 236 (Gold) – exceptional X Augment 46

These space one step over the progressed X 46 Augments. They are referred to as Superior because that a reason and also are visually distinctive by your Gold border too. The run in stats is noticeable, particularly if you get 14 Augments for every one of your gear pieces. They are additionally quite a bit much more expensive to craft. Below are the requirements:

2x Signal Disruptor (Slicing)2x password Recombinator (Slicing)5xSpecial do Item because that the ideal Crafting Profession1x Encrypted Memory main point (Master mode Operations, Command Crates)2x Charged issue Transubstantiator (Ranked PvP, Command Crates)IR 240 (Gold) – superior X Augment 48

This is the current top tier Augments. They are exceptionally expensive and time consuming. The compelled parts because that them are available on GTN and obtainable indigenous gameplay. If you desire to it is in wearing the peak endgame Augments, this is the tier because that you. Be warned, the increase in stats, as have the right to be seen in the table above, is in most cases too small to justify the price the purchase. Here are the crafting materials required:

3x Signal Disruptor (Slicing)5x code Recombinator (Slicing)9x one-of-a-kind Crafted Item because that the proper Crafting Profession3x Encrypted Memory core (Master setting Operations, Command Crates)4x Charged matter Transubstantiator (Ranked PvP, Command Crates)

Level 75 Augments – Onslaught 6.0+

IR 276 (Blue) – X Augment 73

The brand-new IR 276 (Blue) and IR 286 (Purple) Augments deserve to be make by the various Crew skills available in the game. Every one needs three varieties of materials based (for the Blue) and an four varieties of products (for the Purple) based on the Crew Skill.

IR 286 (Purple) – X Augment 74

The purple Augments’ 4th item is a “Solid resource Matrix”. These deserve to be acquired through Conquest and also each Augment requires 5 of the matrix items because that crafting.

As of update 6.1.1 these crafting item are only rewarded to the higher level football player doing Conquest. To get it you should be at least level 71.

IR 300 (Gold) – exceptional X Augment 77

Update 6.1.4 introduced brand-new tier that Augments, i m sorry are right now the finest in the game. Castle are likewise incredibly hard and slow to obtain, requiring new crafting materials available from Ranked PvP and Master mode Operations in PvE:

OEM-37 – obtainable from master Mode Ops Bosses (PvE)RPM-13 – obtainable native Ranked Missions and boxes (PvP)

These brand-new Augments need a new craftable item, dubbed “CM-1337”. That is only made by Cybertechs and requires the following items:

14 RPM-137 OEM-375 legend Embers

To craft an really Augment, friend fall earlier to the constant crew an abilities as listed previously in the guide. The brand-new Superior Augments need the following crafting sources for one article to it is in made:

5x handle Isotope Stabilizer5x Solid resource Matrix5x Crafting materials gathered from the proper crafting skill3x Crafting products gathered from the proper crafting skill1x CM-1337

Kiidou walk the math, so ns will usage their example. The statistics gains if you location the brand-new augments in every fourteen slots result in around 4% power rise on average, but that is before you element in player mistakes, lag, diminishing returns and also time/money/effert spent on acquiring all fourteen of these Augments:

+378 Endurance+378 Power+308 specific Augment Stat

The real (although small) advantage will be mostly useful for the true level 75 content (the Corellia Flashpoint, The Nature the Progress operation on Dxun and Ranked PvP). Everywhere else your stats are enhanced by the game’s system and you only finish up through the +308 for her tertiary stat.

How to gain an Augmentation Kit

Augmentation kit are additionally split right into tiers and also levels. I suggest you craft or buy the highest at this time available. Reduced tiers and levels the Augmentation Kits will not permit you come slot a greater tier or level Augments in them.

Currently the highest possible tier is Augmentation Kit MK-11. The exact same three crafting professoins can additionally make kits – Armormech, Armstech and also Synthweaving.

To handmade one Kit MK-10 friend will require the following:

10x Augmentation Slot component MK-10 (Deconstruction of make Items)4x main point Recombinator (Slicing)4xSpecial do Item for the proper Crafting Profession4x Hardrium or Sedrellium or Romex (Crafting materials from an ideal Gathering Skill)

To craft the newly available with SWTOR 6.0 Onslaught expansion Kit MK-11 girlfriend will need the following:

10x Augmentation Slot component MK-1120x Prototype Data Spike20x Prototype Woven Syntex5x Prototype Lustrous Synth bonded Attachment

How to put Augments on her gear

Installing Augmentation Kits and also Augments is basic and quick, yet be careful. Girlfriend should constantly create Augment slots on legacy Bound Gear. Otherwise you risk wasting a lot of money and crafting resources.

The Item modification Stations are used to develop in your equipment Augment slots via Augmentation Kits and then place Augments.

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There room stations obtainable on the Fleet. You can additionally place one in your very own Stronghold, if you prefer to have some privacy while augmenting your gear.