The knife Art online Alicization war Of Underworld season has ultimately reached the season’s finale, and fans are experiencing a bitter-sweet minute right about now.

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The third season the SAO’s Alicization arc was the longest in the collection thus much as the story spanned over four parts and also took numerous years to complete.

Sword arts Online’s anime franchise will be proceeding the series with the upcoming different version “Sword arts Online: Progressive.”

We may get a Season 5 in the remote future, but for now, episode 23 of the latest collection will act as the finale for the entire Sword Art virtual series.

In today’s article, we will carry out details for the upcoming season 5 the the knife Art series!

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However, the franchise newly announced a spin-off anime series, titled, “Sword arts Online: Progressive.”

2. Season 5 Preview & Speculation

The currently existing light novel has been totally adapted and completed v the knife Art virtual Alicization war of Underworld series.

However, A-1 images director Manabu Ono has actually said the the studio plan to it is adapted the entire Sword Art virtual series, leading us to believe that if there is a sequel come the initial light-novel, climate we may be in because that a Season 5!

3. Recap of the Season’s Finale (Episode 23)

I. Alice and also Kazuto

Kazuto it s okay a call from Rinko that Alice is missing. Just as Kazuto decides to take action, a large package is delivered to him, and to his surprise, he find Alice inside.

Sword Art online | Source: Netflix

They log in and suddenly find themselves in outer room where they watch the earth Cardinal.

Soon after, lock come throughout two spacecrafts, maneuvered by Ronye and Tiese’s descendants, together the two were being chased by a giant and also mystical-looking space monster known as the Abyssal Horror.

Having suffered substantial damage, the pilots setup to go down fighting prior to Kirito, Asuna and Alice involved their rescue and also annihilate the monster.

After watching their intense battle in sheer amazement, the 2 Integrity Pilots acknowledge that their saviors to be the Star King, Star Queen, and Integrity knight Alice, add by a short yet a bright glimmer that Eugeo.

Teary-eyed but still filled through joy, the 2 pilots express joy to have actually met the Underworld’s fabled heroes and then fly back to Cardinal as the 3 heroes go back to their world.

5. About Sword arts Online

Sword Art virtual is a Japanese light novel collection written through Reki Kawahara and also illustrated by Abec.

The series occurs in the close to future and focuses ~ above the protagonist “Kirito” Kirigaya Kazuto and also Asuna Yuuki as they beat through various virtual truth MMORPG worlds.

Sword Art online aired in Japan between July and also December 2012, complied with by its 2nd and 3rd season and a movie, titled knife Art virtual the Movie: Ordinal Scale.

Sword Art virtual III Season 3 is the second part of knife Art Online: Alicization – war of Underworld.

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