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Swordsman's Pride

Kirito finds self in a duel versus the elite Disciple Volo Levantein, using genuine swords. As the crowd looks on, Kirito is encouraged by Sortiliena, and the duel begins.

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E1 | Underworld

Kirito and also Eugeo have actually been tasked through cutting down the Gigas Cedar. Alice joins them v lunch, whereby they decide to go to a fabled cave.


E2 | The Demon Tree

Kirito wakes up to find himself within a mysterious human being evoking a fantasy game. His memory fuzzy, that tries to log in out, but is unable to return to the actual world.


E3 | The finish Mountains

Kirito makes up his mind to trip to Centoria. Since he’ll require Eugeo’s help, he also decides to dropped the Gigas Cedar.

E4 | Departure

Kirito and Eugeo realize Selka has actually taken turn off to the finish Mountains alone, and decide to chase after her.

E5 | s Turtle

In the genuine world, Kazuto lies unconscious and also is relocated to a well-equipped hospital. Suspicious, Asuna and also the others break-up up to discover out much more about Rath.

E6 | job Alicization

Asuna infiltrates Rath and relentlessly grills Kikuoka around Kazuto’s whereabouts.

E7 | Swordcraft Academy

In Centoria, Kirito and also Eugeo have actually attained your goal of gift admitted to the phibìc Centoria royal Swordcraft Academy.

E8 | Swordsman"s Pride

Kirito finds himself in a duel versus the elite Disciple Volo Levantein, using real swords. Together the crowd looks on, Kirito is urged by Sortiliena, and the duel begins.

E9 | Nobleman"s Responsibilities

Now an elite Disciple together with Kirito, Eugeo battles with the inquiry of what he have to infuse in his sword so that can become stronger.

E10 | Taboo Index

Ronie and Tiese room late obtaining to the dorm. Kirito rushes out looking for them. Frenica reveals just how she’s experienced at Humbert’s hands.

E11 | main Cathedral

Kirito and also Eugeo are now thought about criminals for having actually violated the Taboo Index and also are thrown into the underground prison in the central Cathedral.

E12 | The Sage the the Library

Kirito and Eugeo to escape from their cell, only to discover their way blocked by Eldrie synthetic Thirty-One, under orders from Alice come lie in wait because that them.

E13 | Ruler and also Mediator

Cardinal explains to Kirito exactly how the Axiom Church and also the Taboo Index concerned be, starting with Administrator’s past.

E14 | The Crimson Knight

After being entrusted v the fate the the world by Cardinal, Kirito and Eugeo head come the top floor that the central Cathedral.

E15 | The relentless Knight

Kirito and also Eugeo are on their means up the stairs of the central Cathedral as soon as they encounter 2 girls named Linel and Fizel.

E16 | The Osmanthus Knight

Though riddled v wounds, Kirito manages to activate his Perfect Weapon regulate art. Continuing, Kirito and also Eugeo find themselves before a strange floating platform.

E17 | Truce

When Kirito and Alice both unleash the Perfect Weapon manage art in the Cloudtop Garden, the impact rips a hole right into the seemingly impregnable main Cathedral wall.

E18 | The legendary Hero

Eugeo will the ninetieth floor the the main Cathedral. Meanwhile, Kirito and also Alice are still rise the central Cathedral wall.

E19 | The Seal of the best Eye

Seeing Alice’s reaction as soon as he pointed out the name Selka, Kirito decides to tell she the truth around the integrity Knights.

E20 | Synthesis

Kirito and also Alice with the communal bath on the nintieth floor. There, they uncover the Integrity article Commander.

E21 | The 32nd Knight

Standing in Kirito and also Alice’s way is Eugeo, who’s gone through the synthetic Ritual and also become an truth Knight.

E22 | Titan of the Sword

On the peak floor the the central Cathedral, Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice finally challenge Administrator. But Chudelkin supplies the sacred arts to change himself and also attacks.

E23 | Administrator

Cardinal shows up on the height floor of central Cathedral. She moves to accomplish her objective of deleting Administrator, only to watch the fallen sword golem rise up again.

E24 | my Hero

Carrying the hopes of Cardinal, Eugeo, and Alice in his heart, Kirito faces off with Administrator.

E18.5 | Recollection

To aid Alice synthesis Thirty recall the she was as soon as Alice Zuberg, Kirito starts come tell her about the course he and also Eugeo have traveled it spins now.

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