Download / Stream: http://hyperurl.co/suicidalthoughts2Produced by Mikey The MagicianBuffet boys playlist: smarturl.it/buffetboysIma down southern florida boi aint goin ago to hollywoodfrom da gutter come yo guts let me ignite da firewood still ns roll slow in da chevy donknever forget whereby I increased up indigenous spit ~ above my face get rid of my funds and also who am i just one more guy stuck in desperation lookin in ~ da ceiling fan spinning approximately havin a panic strike I dont popular music no pills reason it dont to take the pain away from meI dont crack no seals reason it done took the gang away indigenous me i been recognized to pimp a hoe gained dirty loafers on mine feet bitch you acquired me mesmerized them thighs the dimension of me lemme slide inside yo body beef bitch I acquired my chain ~ above ain't a thang wrong through a damaged frozen wristthem suicidal thoughts inside the Cadillac won't fade away another day i piss away another day don't go my wayanother hoe gon look my waylooking because that a paper chase but bitch im not da one so gain your lull from one more everything i did is crumblin beneath my feet im feelin lonely feelin like im only stuck v memories take me back to what ns was take far what I've becometake far the grayer daystake da bullet out my braintake my cock out yo mouth an allow me it is in myself ns wonder what da people approximately me think around me earlier to mine shady methods I go load da gat and also let the blowjust let mine lover brother mother sisters father recognize I love emmikey i told said you we was gon it is in somethin look at at us now reason now us buzzin pressin buttons diamonds dancin through da dozen nick i told you we would increase from nothin look in ~ the way they look in ~ me nowrich forever blow money til I'm senileI acquired addicted to the money as I fell inside a feet the cries and also crowd obtain louder the depth that i go nobody recognize what i been doing tell myself I hate myself ns can't regulate the cards I'm dealt I spent a lot of time alone inside my room thinkin about what I execute if ns knew you to be on the fence about me also bitchI crash da whip an fight a bitch an almost killed da bitchan now im back in da caddilc v that black color pistol tight the AC dont job-related an im feelin favor I was boy again feelin like I wasnt acquiring in v da cooler children how the fuck have the right to I gain out that this funkIf i dieeeyou cryyythen move onnn the next dayyIm ill advised fuck friend bitch friend cant also look me in my eyeswww.pouya305.comwww.instagram.com/pouyawww.twitter.com/pouyalilpouwww.facebook.com/officialpouya
damsunmtmwww.instagram.com/mikeythemagician/Art by:twitter.com/Gian_Lowww.instagram.com/Gian_Lo/

Genre Hip-hop & lab

Comment by Joker

this brings earlier so countless memories