Key Difference: A procedural programming language is composed of a set of procedure calls and also a set of code for each procedure. A structural programming language emphasizes on separating a program’s data native its functionality. Top top the various other hand, object oriented language are based on entities recognized as objects.

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A programming language is a language that is composed of indict designed for the computers. Processors only understand maker code together it reaches in two collection of 0’s and 1’s, likewise known together binary data. An equipment code is daunting to understand, and also thus assorted programming languages room being provided which are much more understandable 보다 the maker code and likewise provides better portability.

There are assorted standards based on which the group of programming languages deserve to be obtained. However, based on the programming paradigm, one can generally classify them into three categories: Procedural Programming Languages,Structured Programming languages, andObject oriented Languages.


Procedural Programming Languages: this languages code programs in such a means that the routine executes statement by statement, reading and modifying a mutual memory. This programming layout can be closely connected with the conventional sequential processors attached to a randomaccess storage (RAM). It includes all functions of procedural programming as well as some other added features.

Thus, we have the right to refer come it together a programming language the executes a collection of commands in order. This languages are based on the concept identified by the procedure calls. It method that statements space organized into procedures. These procedures are likewise known together subroutines or functions. The most important advantage of creating procedures is thatthe measures are compact and also they are likewise bounded by scope. It is composed in a action by step manner, thus it is very easy to monitor the smaller sized programs.

Examples Pascal. Fortran , COBOL

Structured Programming languages: these are based on the optimal down methodology in which a device is further divided into compositional subsystem.The structured programming concept was formalized in the year 1966 by Corrado Böhm and also Giuseppe Jacopini. They confirmed the theoretical computer program architecture with the help of loops, sequences and decisions.

Structured programming is not only minimal to the optimal down approach. It employs approaches using:-

1. Peak down analysis for difficulty solving: It focuses on dividing the difficulty into sub parts and hence simplifies the difficulty solving.

2. Modularization for regimen structure and also organization: it organizes large instructions by breaking them into separate and smaller section of modules, below routines and subprograms.

3. Structured password for the separation, personal, instance modules: control structures are offered to recognize the precise order in i beg your pardon the collection of instructions space to it is in executed. Therefore, a structured code does not involve GOTO statement together it to represent no specific order of execution.

Example ALGOL, Pascal, Pl/I, C , Ada

Object oriented Languages: object oriented program languages are based upon the ‘objects’ quite than ‘actions’. This language gives more preference come data fairly than logic. An item can be defined as the pairing that a piece of data through the operations that can be perform on it. It is one of the recent and powerful types. Objects are capable of save information and also they can additionally interact with other objects.


The three significant concepts characterized by a thing programming language are:-

Data encapsulation or data abstractionInheritance or derivationDynamic or runtime binding

Examples C++, C#, BETA, Chapel

Advantages of these languages are detailed below:



Object Oriented

1.Simple, easy implementation of compilers and interpreters

2. The ability to re-use the very same code at various places in the regimen without copy it.

3. An easier means to save track of regime flow.

4. The capability to be strong modular or structured.

5. Needs only less memory.

1. Programs are an ext easily and more quickly written

2. Program are reliable as under organizational and logical errors occur throughout the initial step of routine development.

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1. Enhanced software breakthrough productivity as result of modularity, extensibility and also reusability.

2. Software Maintenance is improved

3. Reusability helps in faster breakthrough of programs, as the language come worth wealthy library that objects