After you have actually upgraded your beginner farm home to the Standard home size, a brand-new feature will certainly be accessible to you. The clothes Closet will be inside of your house, which permits you to readjust the garments outfit, hat, and also eyewear her farmer might be wearing. You deserve to do this whenever friend feel choose it as soon as the closet has end up being available. The closet walk not readjust your hair or face options. Hairstyling is in ~ the Sharaku hair shop in Tsuyukusa, and face options is by offering a Lulukoko crop to guardian Witchie.

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You always have come wear apparel (ah drat!), but wearing a cap or eyewear is optional. To readjust your wearable items, simply select one the the three options to accessibility the clothing, hats, and eyewear the you have obtained.

In total, there are:

Combining outfits, hats, and eyewear have the right to also an outcome in apparel sets.

The interior layout of your clothes Closet will certainly either be Western, Eastern, or tropic themed based on the interior style you selected because that your farm yard house. The closet will not readjust into the fancier mansion-style themes such together Jungle, Bow Meow, Undersea, etc. If friend selected among these upgraded internal styles, the closet will stay at the Western, Eastern, or Tropical template you last chose. Because that example, if your had a Tropical template interior and also then had actually Ludus readjust your inner theme to gold style, your apparel Closet will stay as tropic style. If you want to readjust your closet to east or western style, you"d have to make Ludus readjust to the format you wanted and then readjust back to gold style.

The more items you handmade for her closet, the an ext items will show up on the ago walls that your garments Closet. The 3 interior styles will display different items. For example, a west style apparel Closet will display screen the Red Ten Gallon hat if you very own it, yet it won"t show up on the back wall surface in the east style clothes Closet; instead, friend would see the Hachimaki if you owned it.

Collecting Wearable Items

Winning festivals and completing Town link Rank inquiry will get you some of the wearable items, yet the majority of them will be purchased native the three garments tailors in the game: Miranda in Westown, Shizu in Tsuyukusa, and Mr. Do-it-all Ludus in Lulukoko. Numerous of the outfits will become easily accessible to order in ~ the tailors as you raise your Town attach Ranks with the villagers, yet there are a few that need special requirements such as shipping certain items or completing various other tasks.


To bespeak an item, visit the tailor and select your choice from their inventory. The products needed can come native either her bag or your farm residence Storage Box, so you don"t have to carry everything about with you in her bag. Every inventory item screens a small preview the what the perfect product will certainly look like. As soon as the outfit is ordered, you need to come ago the following day (or a later day is okay) to have actually the item sent to your clothing Closet.

You can not take things out of your closet, you cannot ship your garments items, and also you have the right to only acquisition it from the tailors one time. After the item has been crafted and sent to you clothes Closet, the item will show up with a MADE label on its entry in the shop. Friend cannot trade outfits to various other players at link Island, return you deserve to trade the products you require in your video game to craft the clothes items.

The tailors will not require a particular Star rank of your materials, but will need the exact materials for crafting. For example, if a clothes pattern calls for White Cloth, you can"t use White Cloth+ together a substitute.

Once girlfriend buy all of the obtainable items the continue has, make the efforts to go into the tailor"s garments inventory will certainly return a blog post from the shop seller that you"ve purchased every little thing they have. If you can still accessibility the clothes inventory, even though everything is significant as MADE, climate there room still much more items easily accessible to unlock at that tailor.

Some hair styles from Sharaku are too poofy to wear specific hats. The hats will certainly be faded in the garments Closet if you can"t undertake it based on your hair style. You can wear the very same items even if it is you are playing together a young farmer or a girl farmer.

Obtaining Cloth and also Cloth+

As girlfriend raise her Town connect Rank with Westown, Gulliver"s will begin to sell simple colored cloths. White Cloth and Black Cloth show up in Cortez"s shop inventory at Westown location D, and the staying colors unlock at Westown location C.

Every other type of towel must it is in crafted by utilizing the Textile Mill farm yard Circle. You can have Ludus handmade this machine by handing end 20 black color Lumber, 30 black Stone, 10 Glittering Stone, 5 Silver, and also 20,000 G. The Textile Mill can make a range of cloths making use of Wool, Alpaca and also Brown Alpaca Wool, Suffolk Wool, Llama Wool, hare Fur, Cotton, and also Linen. The Textile Mill will also require a an essential ingredient come craft details colors such together blue

Besides basic cloths, the clothes outfit selections may need you to achieve plus-quality cloths. These are developed by place plus-quality pet fur right into the Textile Mill. You can make her wooly farm friends produce plus-quality by boosting the animal"s Byproduct Level, i m sorry is done by feeding the Crispy Treats. These room for sale at the animal seller shops for 200 G every after you victory an pet Festival. It will take about 35 Crispy Treats to boost your animal"s Byproduct Level from rank E to rank D. The greater the rank, the greater the chance of a plus-quality good appearing at harvest.

The Textile Mill have the right to then transform your plus-quality hair into plus-quality cloth. Because at some point your animal might only develop plus-quality goods, the Textile Mill can likewise craft normal-quality fabric using plus-quality wool. You won"t require to have actually two pets on your farm, normal and plus-quality, to ensure the you can still craft continual cloths.

Cotton and Linen room a crop you will grow year ring on your farm plots. These crop seeds are for sale at the 99 G and also Up shop in Tsuyukusa. Noodle Seeds show up once Tsuyukusa is Town link Rank C, and also Linen Seeds appear once Tsuyukusa is Town link Rank B or ~ you have actually shipped a complete of 100 Cotton. Cotton will certainly take 10 work or less to mature, and Linen will take 8 job or less. These crops can be converted in the Textile Mill come cloth and also thread.

Clothing Status and Benefits

Each item in your apparel Closet will have actually a culture, style, and color linked with it. You have the right to see these statistics by choosing the clothing item and then pushing the Y button on her Nintendo 3DS. This stats space only vital when participating in the fall 22 Fashion Show. Del Cossa will certainly judge your fashion sense based upon the culture, style, and also color that what you"re wearing.

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Villagers likewise have garments that lock like and will comment on if you room wearing it when talking to them. You"ll knife a bonus +100 FP if they match you on her fashion sense. For marital relationship candidates, you"ll also earn +1 Affection Poin (AP).