State Of decay 2: The 10 finest Base Locations, Ranked setting up bases can obtain expensive and relocating is a luxury in State Of degeneration 2. These space the best locations in the video game to call home!

managing resources and also people in a post-apocalyptic people has never been more intricate until State of degeneration 2 came along. It"s one odd mix of a monitoring simulator and an action-adventure zombie game where planning problem as much as exhilaration on those plans. Hence, once it involves plans, it"s essential to evaluate one of the most significant resource-drains in the game: the bases.

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Setting up bases can get expensive and also relocating is a luxury. That"s why choose a great base and sticking to it need to be mandatory because that survival. Thankfully, this overview exists to assist players decision which bases come choose. V how great these 10 bases are, it"ll be difficult to relocate out.

very first up is the Providence Ridge area and also arguably the best base there v the perfect positioning is the fortified Truck Stop. Because that starters, it"s located near the center of the area so much less travel time in any direction. Moreover, the van Stop has a kitchen through a distillery, something many other bases don"t have.

The Fuel Storage had in this van Stop likewise serves a dual purpose due to the fact that it can twin as a watchtower. Of course, because of the location, don"t expect it to be the starter base, it"s an ext suited because that a mid-game base.

for players looking for something bigger 보다 anything rather in Providence Ridge and also are all set to development in the following stage of base expansion, climate the hardwood Mill is a good upgrade. It"s among the few bases in the video game that comes through five big facility slots.

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That alone offers lots of avenues for players and can make any other basic look limited. The many notable ready framework in the wood Mill are also the Command center which is constantly welcome, a Sawmill, and also a storage facility for materials.

moving on to Cascade Hills, one base the players will desire to consider automatically is bridge Fort. It"s a good alternative together a home base apart from the starting base many thanks to the strategic location-- gift on optimal of a river and also being a literal bridge helps.

One noteworthy bonus the Bridge fort denizens will notice is the wide parking space with three sites situated on either next of the bridge. The four open slots through room for big and tiny as well as outside and inside structures offer a an excellent balance for a base.


By far the ideal location in Cascade Hills, Container ft is a must-have for anyone looking to have actually a permanent stronghold in a zombie wasteland. Container ft has a whopping seven structure slots and two of those are large.

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The biggest draw for Container ft is exactly how it comes conveniently equipped v a level 3 Workshop-- a an excellent thing to have for those that love to create their own benefit in the game. Don"t suppose it to be cheap or quickly obtainable, however. It requirements eight people and 3,500 influence. Still, for those that are currently cramming in a huge community in a tiny base, climate this is a vital upgrade

Now, on come Meagher Valley. Because that those who want that campsite vibe and also a much more chill background, Camp Kelenqua ought to look appealing. The does have its own fence which requirements a little of repair to be protective again however the main benefit of Camp Kelenqua is the quantity of room it has actually inside.

Lots that buildings and facilities can be set up here and also there is one onsite source of water because that those that don"t desire to go v the trouble. That also makes it prepared for farming, make the base ar quite a paradise. The ideal part? It"s affordable and only needs 5 people and also 1,000 influence.


Squelones Brewing company is located smack dab in ~ the facility of Meagher Valley. That immediately makes it a an excellent location for a basic or a home base even. When it involves benefits, Squelones Brewing firm is also self-sufficient v its own onsite supply of water.

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The open room in this base location also screams "farmland" above all else, coupled v the water supply, climate it i do not care a food factory. Thankfully, it"s not too expensive either and only demands 1,500 influence in addition to six people.

Both Camp Kelenqua and Squelones Brewing company might it is in havens because that the hungry and needy, however they"re not specifically the most protective options. That title belongs to Whitney Field. It"s a base situated at the Southern part of the map and also comes v two big watchtowers.

Those two should make all the inhabitants feel safe together Whitney ar requires quite a huge community through eight people and also 3,500 influence. The building slots are likewise generous sufficient with 5 of them mixing up big and tiny facility slots.

3 KNIGHT"S household DRIVE-IN

Finally, we arrive in ~ Drucker County. For the finest pick and best design base in this region, then players can"t go wrong with Knight"s family members Drive-In. It"s a base the looks favor a modern-day castle therefore anyone who sees the will recognize just exactly how protective it deserve to be with the appropriate people.

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The room is big with five structure slots and also there is also a gate with its very own capacity for watchers. Thankfully, this modern castle isn"t as well costly and also only calls for 1,500 influence and also six people to operation it. Not poor for a drive-in establishment.

Mike"s Concrete is the middle-of-the-map base for this region and it"s perfect for versatile playstyles and also supply runs. Players v vehicles will uncover this clues delightful together it allows them to quickly get to any kind of area in Drucker County. Rightfully so, it also comes with its very own Fuel Storage because that maximizing vehicles.

Other than that, Mike"s Concrete uses standard bonuses meant of a base that specializes in vehicles favor a an equipment Shop and also five an ext building slots. For its cost of 1,500 influence and also only 6 people, football player should acquire this base instantly for the strategic benefit it offers.


There"s always that one mall that makes for a perfect zombie apocalypse base, in Drucker County, that"s the Barricaded piece Mall. As with most malls, it comes equipped v a high-quality kitchen that should make the citizens satisfied.

The mall also has a built-in Urgent care facility which features as a clinic for anyone injured. All these luxuries don"t come in cheap though together the Barricaded strip Mall needs 3,500 influence and eight people. Still, it"s one step more into rebuilding human being after one apocalypse.

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