Stardew sink Slime Hutch is offered as a farm structure material, purchase-able indigenous Carpenter’s Shop sold by Robin. Carpenter’s Shop has actually up-to 20 slime obtainable for purchase.Slime HutchAnimalsSlimesCapacity20Size11-by-6Build Cost10,000 GoldMaterial Required1 x Iridium Bar500 x Stone10 x sleek Quartz

Stardew valley Slime hutch LayoutLayout #1Layout #2Layout #3Stardew sink Slime us TipsStardew valley Slime hutch PurposeStardew sink Slime Egg PressStardew sink Slime us WalkthroughSlime Charmer RingSlime EggsSlime IncubatorStardew valley Slime hutch FarmingStardew sink Slime hutch BreedingStardew valley Slime RingStardew sink Slime hutch Worth ItFAQsHow many slimes space there in the slime hutch?Where space the many slimes in Stardew Valley?Is a Slime hutch worth it?

Stardew valley Slime us Layout

Layout #1

stardew valley slime hutch layoutNo much more getting hurt at the slime hutch