As I pointed out in my last post, I’ve began a new series of analysis posts that i am calling dual Take. Every of these posts will focus on an illustration from the very first season of Star vs. The pressures of Evil, typically a less-popular episode, and discuss the surprising intricacy that few of those at an early stage episodes offer.

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The season one episodes that I setup on talking around act, i believe, together a kind of “primer” for the audience – that is, an instruction book on exactly how to see future episodes; in various other words, this episodes subtly introduce complicated ideas in order come prepare the audience for the later return that these concepts in even more complex forms. One such illustration that falls into this category is “The other Exchange Student.”

Why This Episode?

Like “Lobster Claws,” “The various other Exchange Student” is a lesser-liked episode that numerous rank near or at the bottom the their list of favorites. I, too, ranked it near the bottom the my favorite episodes. However on repeat viewings, I started to realize that there is something really peculiar about this episode – other that, to mine knowledge, no one has actually really remarked on.

In this dual Take, I’ll discuss how Star’s paranoia in “The other Exchange Student” is – in spite of being played because that laughs – actually rather reasonable. I’ll also connect the lying and also conspiracy we view in this illustration to later on episodes and also explain the realizations ns think the illustration wants united state to make.


First things first: Star is absolutely correct to be suspicious of Gustav. Though it’s Star’s jealousy i beg your pardon prompts she to be hesitant of Gustav in the an initial place, her belief that other is amiss is eventually confirmed by Gustav himself as soon as he division down and reveals the he is, in reality, a boy called Charlie Booth.


Oh, right.

Webs the Deceit

I’ve written extensively around the (quite frankly) quite incredible number of lies gift told in season 2 (especially in the finale) through Ludo, Glossaryck, Moon, and Star. What’s more, plenty of of this lies it seems ~ to have fooled many viewers. Yet every the way back in “The other Exchange Student,” we have actually in Gustav some at an early stage exposure come a practiced liar and social chameleon whose motives room unclear.

The show, i think, wants us to attract a parallel in between Gustav’s behavior and that the later characters – particularly Ludo and also Toffee. In fact, this might be why “The various other Exchange Student” is paired with “Monster Arm.” i firmly believe that every pair of episodes is associated for some factor – and the factor behind the pairing that “Monster Arm” and “The other Exchange Student” is that they both in some means precede Toffee and also Ludo’s relationship. If you room skeptical, consider this: what is Ludo’s wand if no a literal meaning monster arm? and what is Toffee if no (quite literally) part of Ludo now?

But remember that Gustav isn’t the just one that lies in “The various other Exchange Student”; in bespeak to save them happy, Star lies to the Diazes around what she’s learned. Does the sound familiar? Star admits in “Starcrushed” that she’s been lying to herself and to Marco around her feelings for him – miscellaneous she go in bespeak to preserve their friendship.


Speaking of conspiracy theories – many of you scoffed once I brought out some (fairly convincing, in mine opinion) proof that not just was Starbruary’s episode release structure based on a sonnet, however that those episodes additionally reference Indiana Jones and also the critical Crusade.

Scoff if girlfriend like. Yet, come this day, no one has offered any much better explanations as to why, because that instance, “The Bounce Lounge” and also “The hard Way” are, almost shot-for-shot, compositionally alike. (Seriously – pat both episodes at the same time. It’s uncanny.) I explain the similarity as them being associated through the sonnet’s structure; if you have a far better explanation, then please, by every means, carry out it.

Furthermore, Lekmet – as listed in my short article on the holy Grail – is nearly certainly based on Baphomet, who is linked to the Knights Templar, and I’d be hard-pressed come name any other group whose mere cite conjures increase as plenty of images the shadowy an international conspiracies, concealed treasures, and murky, blood-soaked legends together the Knights Templar’s does.

And, as you may recall, i finally attached the divine Grail references to what I think is a literal divine Grail in the collection – in the type of Lekmet’s horn, no less. If that’s no a conspiracy theory, then ns don’t recognize what is! Yet ns didn’t conjure this the end of thin air. I watched the collection and wrote about it. The evidence is all appropriate there; anyone can see it because that themselves – simply as Marco could have watched in “The various other Exchange Student” if he had actually been willing to hear Star out.

And speaking further of conspiracy theory – the amuses me come no finish to hear people talk around how much time castle spent assessing the chalkboard in “Mathmagic.” Even human being with levels in math couldn’t number out what the means. I think that’s simply a case of missing the forest for tree – however I can’t reprimand them for trying. After all, the music in that last scene sound suspiciously favor the opening theme from Gravity drops (purposely, no doubt).


Yet, as I write around in my article on the Indiana Jones connection, the crucial thing on the chalk plank is, in fact, the last thing written top top it: the number seven. It’s a conspiracy concept worthy that comparison come The Da Vinci code – don’t girlfriend think?

Look – if you desire to understand what Star vs. The forces of angry is trying to tell you, you have to think favor the series. Component of the objective behind “The other Exchange Student” – behind countless of the beforehand episodes, really – is to teach the audience how to think around the series. Yet don’t be surprised if periodically you can’t come up with response – after all, maddeningly, we never find what Gustav is really up to. Some mysteries just go unsolved.

The amount of its Parts

Star vs. The forces of evil operates ~ above a straightforward principle: with few exceptions, it develops logically-connected web links of definition through association, and then, as those web links accumulate definition through reuse, the series builds on castle to introduce greater and grander concepts. Indeed, the point behind dual Take is to find those web links in the early on episodes and suss out whereby they lead to.

Hopefully, i have persuaded you the “The other Exchange Student” is an ext important than it very first seemed. Probably I won’t have the ability to convince you that there is some sort of grand conspiracy in the show – and maybe over there isn’t one! – however I think you should definitely take into account the comparison between Gustav’s deceptions and the deceptions of various other characters.

I believe the collection will only gain more difficult and complex with the principles it desires to convey. Mine goal together someone writing analysis about the display is to melted light on those facility ideas and also make lock intelligible. And also I expect I have served that purpose right here for friend today.

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If you took pleasure in this analysis, you re welcome let me know, and also especially feel free to permit me understand if there’s a details older illustration of the series you’d choose to see featured in dual Take. I still have actually a few more episodes the I’m planning to cover with the series.