Neither one is better per say however can be far better suited because that individuals’ needs. This is why, Elegance Sculpting in Parksville BC, uses both stand up and also lay under tanning bed options.

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 Lay under Tanning Beds


Lay down tanning beds space most most likely the beds you room most acquainted with. Lay down tanning beds have actually been roughly for decades and also are tho the most typical in the industry. This kind of tan bed is often desired due to the be safe involved—lay down, relax and be a bronze goddess in a matter of 20 minutes.

Depending on your specific pressure points, you might need to change your placing several time throughout her lay under tanning session in order come ensure an overall, even tan. 

Stand up Tanning 


Our newest tan bed at Elegance Sculpting is a wake up bed. V the combination of higher watt bulb and also reflectors, stand up tanning beds room an efficient option for those in search of an even glow conveniently (sessions require fifty percent the lot of time that lay under beds). 

Many opt for wake up tanning beds as result of the less restrictive space and due to the fact that they perform not require any type of physical contact.

The Difference in between Lay under Tanning Beds and Stand increase Tanning Beds

Intensity – while lay down tanning beds are typically in between 100-120 watts, wake up tanning beds fall around the 160 watt mark. While a much more intense watt method faster results, it deserve to be too much for individuals prone to sunburns. 

Minimum Time Requirement – due to the higher intensity the the stand up tanning bed, the minimum time necessity for each session is much much shorter than lay under beds—50% shorter to it is in exact. The encourage minimum time per session for stand up tanning bed is 10 minutes. Compared to the 20-minute minimum the lay under tanning beds, this can be a deciding factor for individuals pressed for time. 

Consistent Coverage – v lay under tanning beds, over there will always be pressure points that might not obtain the same, even coverage together the remainder of your body. If you think of lying down, what areas of your body touch the bed directly? your buttox, thighs, and also upper ago perhaps? v stand increase tanning beds, no direct call is do which enables for an even tanning experience cost-free from position changes. 

Elegance Tip: Lotion need to be used with both varieties of tanning bed to protect against drying out the skin and to accomplish the best, glow results. We offer a selection of tan lotions at Elegance Sculpting; speak come our team around which product is best for your desired results. 

Restrictions – space you a clustophic person? execute you have actually trouble standing because that an extended duration of time? carry out you have any earlier problems? every these components will assist determine i beg your pardon tanning bed friend are most comfortable with. 

Before deciding, speak to our team at Elegance Sculpting about any comes to you might have and take a look in ~ both spaces. Likely, you’ll have actually a preference.

 How come choose: stand up Tanning bed VS Lay down Tanning Beds

Choosing which format of tan bed is best is entirely based upon the individual, your lifestyle and also tanning goals.

At Elegance Sculpting, we haven’t been able to pick ourselves for this reason we continue to offer our clients tanning packages to usage whichever option they great on the offered day.

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