Welcome to illustration #4 the the most recent Spidey cartoon series. "Ultimate Spider-Man" ran four seasons and 104 episodes between 2012 and 2017 making that the longest-running the the countless different cartoon depictions.

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It functions an irreverent, fourth-wall-breaking Spidey at realm State University with his friends MJ and also Harry, but additionally with his secret super-hero team-mates and fellow members the S.H.I.E.L.D. Under the guidance of Captain Nick Fury.

Story "Venom"


Director: Alex Soto
Writer: Duncan Rouleau (as man of Action), James Felder, Joe Casey (as guy of Action), Joe Kelly (as male of Action), Steven T. Seagle (as guy of Action)

AdaptedBy: Marvel universe Ultimate Spider-Man: great Power (Screen cap Digest) (Story 4)
AdaptedBy: Ultimate Spider-Man #4: Venom!





Spider-Man hurtles (on his Spider-Cycle, upside-down riding on the tunnel ceiling) v the subways of new York City, gone after by a tentacled robot the looks prefer something out of the 2nd Matrix movie, all under the startled gaze of the assembled subway group gathers top top the communication at the station.

Self-introducing with a damaged fourth-wall Spidey flips to right-side-up mode, then to four-wheeled bike mode, prior to coming to a crashing halt.

We break to one out-of-context gag sequence of Spider-Man battling assorted robots consisting of the infamous H.E.R.B.I.E. From the 1978 fantastic Four cartoon. Friend know... The floating robot that was produced as a fill-in because that the human being Torch because the license for Johnny Story had actually been sold separately and also wasn"t available. Yet another reminder of just how badly Marvel messed up the media legal rights for their personalities in the 70"s!

It"s ago on the bike as Nick fury checks in to view why Spidey is acquisition so lengthy to fight the robot. Why (he asks) isn"t he utilizing his brand-new weapons, such together his "electro-webs"? and also indeed, a an unified attack involving electro-webs + the "third rail" + a speeding subway "express" train manages come KO the robot.

A spectacular win in front of the crowd. Regrettably a strategy tear in the posterior section of his costume significantly undermines the success on the public relations front. Even more unfortunately, the robot has accomplished it"s score – to acquire a sneaky bio-sample native the web-slinger. Oh dear, that can"t be good.

We"ll pick up the later. Because that now, Peter Parker is late for school. Fortunately, his best buddy bother Osborn rescues him – and also invites him come a marathon movie night in ~ the Osborn penthouse apartment. Yet Peter"s a popular guy. His super-team-mates additionally attend the school (in mystery incognito unknown come Harry) and they"re demanding his attention too. So it"s time for Peter come play... "Wheel the Excuses"!

Meanwhile, what space the villains doing? Well, medical professional Octopus has actually high-tech processed the aforementioned bio-sample and created a nasty black goop out of Spider-Man"s DNA.

He is functioning for (and thus presumably sponsor by) Norman Osborn. The plan is to develop a living black bio-armor and weapon fit that have the right to be controlled and also wrapped about soldiers to produce an upstream mercenary army. However now the villains come into conflict. Physician Octopus wants numerous months that time come refine and also control the suit. Yet Norman pushes for results tonight, and also Ock agrees.

Haven"t they checked out The Princess Bride? You rush a wonder worker, you obtain lousy miracles!

Back in the lunch room in ~ ESU, Parker isn"t a happy camper. His target is all over the internet. And also his super-hero team-mates room demanding priority over his friendship with Harry and Mary-Jane. And also when harry overhears a nasty comment, every little thing gets yes, really complicated.

Harry"s house life isn"t much better. His father appears strangely distracted this days. Other on his mind, perhaps. Norman heads the end for the evening and also leaves Harry part spending money. Hey, party time! harry calls... Speed Thompson! and the party is on! MJ, Peter, and the gang turn up too, however the "movie marathon" is currently a party that is aaaaalmost the end of hand. The whole school is there. Impressive. Harry is the brand-new school hero!

Norman is, that course, heading turn off to see medical professional Octopus, to check out the new "thing" the he made from Spider-Man"s DNA. However that isn"t rather going to setup either. The "thing" has end up being a monster and has escaped. See. I told you no to rush miracles.

And where carry out we think the "monster" is going? Gee... Ns don"t know... Possibly it"s in the mood to party?

Yeah, here it comes. Up the end of the toilet in the Osborn penthouse apartment, whereby Flash Thompson is just around to offer Peter a high-class swirly, simply for old-time"s sake. And... There us go. Venom attaches itself to Flash, and also the battle begins.

The party-goers disperse quickly, leaving Spidey and also super-friends to fight Venom-Flash. Other than Venom doesn"t continue to be with Flash. The takes over Nova (and Venom-Nova fights Spider-Man). Climate it"s Venom-Power-Man (until stole Fist punches venom off him). Deserve to you check out where this is going? Venom-Iron-Fist... Then finally...

Actually, White Tiger doesn"t acquire Venomized. She it s okay skipped, and also Venom leaps straight to overtake Spider-Man. The battle rages top top the rooftop, observed by MJ (who as a true young reporter is trying come grab the video with her phone) and also Harry. Take care of slips and also falls indigenous the roof-edge, however is rescued through MJ. Pretty save.

Once again, a carefully-constructed electro-web short circuit "kills" Venom. Norman Osborn and also the police arrive on the roof-top soon afterwards. Norman declares his affection for Harry. Harry declares his affection for Peter Parker, however isn"t fairly such a fan of Spider-Man (nor the Peter"s 4 "other" college friends).

But of food this isn"t the end of Venom. In fact, it"s double-not-the-end. First up, Norman visits Ock and also instructs that to develop a newer, better, an ext powerful version. However secondly, together Peter and Harry clean up the apartment together, Harry finds a left-over gift fragment lively on the piano and also surreptitiously stuffs it right into a party for later on investigation.

General Comments

The illustration are obtaining increasingly complex with their plots and character interactions.

Between the Octo-bot, plus physician Octopus himself, plus Norman and also Venom the really makes four "villains" in the episode. Venom possesses five different civilization (Flash, Nova, power Man, iron Fist, and Spidey).

Meanwhile we obtain the an initial real interactions in between Peter"s "old friends" and his "new friends", and also there"s the Osborn father/son thing going on, and Flash Thompson as well.

It"s a well-packed 22 minute episode by the time all is said and done.

Overall Rating

Strong plotting overall. Yet I have a pair of complaints come register.

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I"m not entirely in sync v MJ"s portrayal as a fellow nerd to Peter. The MJ the I know from my Spider-Man analysis was a crazy party pet who would have been to dance on the piano, no awkwardly moping about the party do uncomfortable expressions and also wishing everybody would leave. Harry"s portrayal as the insecure rich son is an ext convincing though.

Having "electro-webbing" be the answer in both the the fights reflects a lack of imagination if friend ask me. Venom"s weaknesses room fire and sound, no electricity. Can they really not have actually done something through that?