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Public speak creates stress for many people. Speaking Up there is no Freaking Out: 50 techniques for Confident and Compelling Presenting is one easy-to-read pocket book containing useful anxiety administration techniques the are based upon scientifically supported theory and evidence.

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Readers are encouraged to explore the anxiety administration tools through details “Try This” guidance detailed for every technique. After reading this book, readers will certainly be much more confident, calm, and also competent speakers.


Chapter 1 describes speaking anxiety, exactly how it reflects itself, its negative effects, and how friend can show up less nervous.Chapter 2 explains the main theories around why world feel anxious as soon as speaking and, importantly, uses you several certain techniques to reduce speaking anxiety and also bolster your confidence.Chapter 3 details just how you deserve to use your nonverbal presence and voice to not just appear much more confident, but also feel more confident.Chapter 4 explores how concentrating on her audience’s needs and connecting your contents to them deserve to reduce your anxiety and also make your presentations an ext compelling.Chapter 5 provides techniques and guidance on exactly how to structure your gift to far better help you and also your audience remember what you present.Chapter 6 teaches how to resist and also stop some self-defeating beliefs and also behaviors that perpetuate and exacerbate anxiety.Chapter 7 addresses how to put all this details to work-related for girlfriend by creating your own Anxiety-Management Plan.

A nottard is consisted of that will describe the an ext technical, scientific terms found in the book, along with four appendixes:

Appendix A says techniques for regulating anxiety that originates from audiences not immediately present for your speech (e.g., conference calls and also web presentations).Appendix B gives added suggestions for those who room not indigenous English speakers.Appendix C addresses just how to feel confident during a question and also answer session, while providing clear and concise answers.

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Appendix D discusses two specific techniques/approaches to motivating and also persuading her audience.