Dinner through Cartman"s family takes a bizarre twist once Uncle Howard mirrors up ~ breaking out of prison v the help of his cellmate, Charlie Manson.

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Gnomes - Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are assigned to write a report through Tweek, the really nervous and also highly caffeinated boy who insists gnomes are stealing his underpants.

When the citizens of south Park start exploding randomly, the mayor enlists Stan"s dad, the resident geologist, to uncover a equipment to the problem.

Chef"s parents come in southern Park indigenous Scotland new from an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster to attend Chef"s wedding.
The guys instigate a fight between Tweek and Craig in shop class. Meanwhile, Mr. Adler, the shop teacher, is haunted by a recurring dream that his shed love.
After sex-related Harassment Panda "educates" the children, Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment, and also a flurry of other lawsuits follow.
While all the adults room gathering in ~ Mr. Mackey"s house to clock a meteor shower head Shelly wetland is left babysit Cartman.
Stan"s parents traction him follow me to Mr. Mackey"s meteor shower head party, whereby he is sent down right into the basement to play v Pip, Butters and Dougie.
Korn concerns South Park because that a Halloween concert and also helps the boys resolve a spooky pirate ghost mystery.
To help Cartman success the college spelling bee, Cartman"s Mom provides him the Hooked ~ above Monkey Fonics order system.
Starvin" Marvin returns to south Park through an alien spaceship and also enlists Cartman, Stan, Kyle and also Kenny"s assist to look for out a new home for his starving people.
Cartman has visions that glory as he suits up for the Confederacy in the annual reenactment of a Civil war battle, and also leads the drunken rebels to loss the union.
People from all over the human being start come gather outside Jesus" home waiting because that a millennium miracle.
The kids of south Park are invited come Arkansas for the "Four Million child Blow 2000," the an initial worldwide recorder concert.
When Cartman discovers the this Fairy is payment a premium price for his shed teeth, he and the guys seize the chance to make part cash.

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