In South Park: The Fractued but Whole, there space a variety of Scavenger Hunt pursuits you can complete. These missions require you come track under a certain number of things because that a person. Here is our large Al’s cats guide.

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Talk to huge Gay Al

In order to begin this mission, you must talk to big Gay Al at his house. Head there and he will tell you around his missing cats. Over there are 5 to collect initially, and also then a last cat to discover after you collect the five. Girlfriend will find the cat’s areas below. *You require to have the TimeFart stop to complete this next quest*

1. South Park Mall

Head come the right of the south Park Mall construction area come find large Gay Loki.

2. Playground Entrance near Theatre

Head come the Playground Entrance close to the theatre to find huge Gay Shadow.

3. SoDoSoPa loose Apartments

Head come the SoDoSoPa loose Apartments and use Fartkour to reach the top portion. You will certainly find large Gay flower here.

4. Left the Church quick Travel point in a Tree

Head come the Church rapid travel suggest and look at the tree in the ago left. Here you will certainly find big Gay Bono.

5. Tree in front of Bebe’s House

Head come Bebe’s house and look in ~ the tree out front. Below you will uncover the ‘last’ cat.

Return to Al

After you’ve collected all 5 cats, go back to Al. Transforms out there is one cat left. This cat can be uncovered at the location below.

6. Top top The way To Canada (in a Tree)

Make your means to the roadway to Canada. Look for a tree top top the left to uncover the critical cat. Seize it.

Return come Al (Again)

Return come Al through all the kitties and collect your rewards. Huge Al will offer you two costumes (Feline + Snowcat), and also let you take it a selfie v him. Very nice.

Need assist placing the grandfather Adams Headshots? use this guide.

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Our South Park: The Fracture however Whole Big Al’s Cats overview is currently complete. Let me know what you assumed in The Pit below.


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