This Jake One co-produced track finds Drake studying the duality imposed by fame and his individual limbo:"Somewhere between psychotic and also iconicSomewhere between I desire it and also I got itSomewright here between I"m sober and also I"m liftedSomewhere in between a mianxiety and also commitment."Happily the song closes on a celebratory note as the effective Toronto MC comes to the realization that "this is the life for me."
Drake boasts in the third verse around just how he"s gained his rivals scared that when he"s finimelted rapping, tright here will not be anypoint left for them:"I got "em worried, choose make certain you save a slice for me. I have to have Spoons serve you up through a fork and also knife for me."Drake is not only proceeding the food metaphor in the second line, however likewise referencing his cutlery-monikered bodyguard Spoons. Drake shouted out one more of his bodyguards, his longtime buddy Chubby Chub, on the Nopoint Was The Same
deluxe version bonus track, "The Motion:" ("And my dog Chubby Chub, that"s my nigga from the way").

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Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Sprinsteen sassist "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" was "the ideal love song I ever before wrote."

Don"t Worry Be HappyBobby McFerrin

The song "Don"t Worry Be Happy" does not use any kind of tools - it"s all Bobby McFerrin utilizing miscellaneous parts of his body to make the sounds.

Fool In The RainLed Zeppelin

In Led Zeppelin"s "Fool In The Rain," the guy goes right into a funk as soon as he thinks he"s been stood up, yet is elated when he realizes he"s been standing on the wrong corner, and it"s all a disastrous mess.

Mr. Tambourine ManBob Dylan

Bob Dylan"s original variation of "Mr. Tambourine Man," released on his album Bringing It All Back Home, has no tambourine, just guitars and also harmonica.

Try AgainAaliyah

Until December 5, 1998, a song had actually to be issued as a solitary to make the Hot 100. Aaliyah"s "Try Again" was the initially tune to peak the chart based on airplay alone, without any kind of sales figures being had.


Rihanna clintends that "S&M" is around her love/hate connection through the media. Apparently her paparazzi are using whips and also chains.

AdeleFact or Fiction

Despite her reticent personality, Adele"s life and also music are filled via intrigue. See if you have the right to spot the true tales.

Little RichardFact or Fiction

Was Long Tall Sally a cross-dresser? Did he really set his piano on fire? See if you understand the genuine stories around among rock"s greatest innovators.

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Yacht Rock!Tune Writing

A academic evaluation of yacht rock favorites ("Steal Ameans," "Baker Street"...) through a member of the leading YR cover band.

James Williamson of Iggy & the StoogesSongwriter Interviews

The Stooges guitarist (and also producer of the Kill City album) talks about those at an early stage recordings and what really occurred through David Bowie.

Shaun Morgan of SeetherSongwriter Interviews

Shaun breaks down the Seether songs, including the one around his brother, the one around Ozzy, and also the one that may or might not be about his ex-girlfriend Amy Lee.

Rosanne CashSongwriter Interviews

Rosanne talks about the journey that inspired her songs on her album The River & the Threview, including a stop at the Tallahatchie Bridge.