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Someone to Watch over Me - Squatters

You can uncover the enntrance gate to North vegas Square just to the west of the north entrance come Freeside. If friend go within the little community, you’ll uncover two mercenaries patrolling the street. Talk to Crandon and use either 35 points in Barter or 45 points in speech to to convince him the you’ll be a useful ally because that the area. He’ll choose you up because that a small quick mercenary work.

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The an initial mission is a rapid one. You just have to take treatment of the squatters that collection up ~ above the playground. You have the option of attacking and also killing them, yet note the they space NCR citizens. Killing them will more than likely hurt your reputation through the NCR. Friend have choices to one of two people bribe them v a 45 allude Barter inspect or use your 45 clues in decided to do them leave.

Someone come Watch over Me - The Greasers

Once you take care of the squatters, Crandon will certainly ask you to enter the sewers listed below the area and also find some greasers that are harassing civilization in the town.

The sewers space a bit of a nightmare. You’ll need to rely on your neighborhood map and also the marker to uncover Johnny, their leader. When you monitor him down, you’ll have actually a few options.You have the right to just death them. Just take him under fast. He’s not wearing lot armor, so i doubt it will be much of a challenge.With 65 clues in Speech, you deserve to convince him that he’ll be facing an angry mob soon. He’ll leaving peacefully.

You deserve to just pay him 100 caps and call that a day. 50 points in Barter reduce this to only 50 caps.Regardless of just how you take treatment of the greasers, backtrack to the ladder and also report ago in come Crandon.

Someone come Watch over Me - help Mrs. Hostetler

This reasonably unfriendly woman has actually been having household trouble lately. Crandon wants you to aid her out, so just walk over to she house. It’s a brief distance from North vegas Square. Walk inside and talk come her and also explain the you’re through Crandon to obtain her to open up up about her issue.Go back to North las vegas Square and talk come Jules. That can direct you to Alice and also her brand-new friend, Andy Scabb. Andy lives inside The Grey, the damaged apartment building at the end of the street. Walk inside and also turn to the left to quickly find Andy’s room. Yes a security standing exterior it, for this reason it’s simple to see.With 70 points in Speech, you can convince him the Mrs. Hostetler is exterior with a shotgun. That makes him give up his post. Otherwise, you’ll just need come wait and also hope he walks away, or death him. No one appears to treatment if you kill him.

Pick the lock or usage the guard’s an essential to acquire into Andy’s room. The only thing of attention is a note lying underneath his TV. Review the note to learn around Andy’s cold-hearted plot and also secure the evidence that you need. Unfortunately, on your way out, you will do it run right into Andy.He’ll either want to know about the dead guard, or hell wonder why you sent out his guard outside. 65 clues in speech will keep him calm with a straightforward lie. If not, friend may need to take him the end too. Again, the shouldn’t yes, really matter. It’s up to you and he’s not too tough on his own.Run ago to The Hostetler house to discover Alice in the center of a robbery. Castle in a little bit of a standoff, for this reason it’s as much as you to decision the outcome. There room a bunch of various ways that this deserve to end. The straightforward divide is whether you want to rob Mrs. Hostetler or not.With 7 clues in knowledge or 70 points in Speech, you can instantly talk Alice down. That should also be feasible to carry out it without any type of skills, if you speak to Alice’s bluff with actually goading her right into attacking. You have the right to then get her come hand end the gun and also calm down. I think you can likewise convince her to walk ahead and also do it. This nets you some an unfavorable karma and saves friend the trouble of killing Mrs. Hostetler yourself.If you talk Alice down, you deserve to either convince her to continue to be or assistance her decision come leave. Again, that basically simply for story purposes, back Mrs. Hostetler i will not ~ be that happy if friend let Alice leave.

Once the instance is settled, speak to Mrs. Hostetler.If you desire to rob her, select the attack option. She very good with she shotgun, however she’s no wearing any armor. She’ll die conveniently as long as you can survive the an initial blast. Girlfriend can gain 1000 caps turn off of she body.If you space happy v helping her, one of two people ask for a prize or simply settle for good karma.

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This will also officially finish the quest. Crandon doesn’t have actually anything else for you.

This post is part of the series: Fallout: new Vegas Walkthrough - new Vegas part 2

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