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Everyone at these SSI offices must be FIRED! We need to protest of having actually to wait 2-3 hrs on the phone to schedule an appointment and then be told it is cancelled!

Right now on organize for 1:50 mins. That would certainly be an hour and fifty minutes. Disassociated 5 times before this call. My twins birthdays are wrong on their social cards and need to be reput. This organize time is absolutely ridiculous.

I made an appointment through the 1-800 number, and 2 days before the appointment, the social protection office cancelled said appointment. If anyone else has an worry, please article.

necesito una cita por favor, no tengo seguro social, hace 6 meses estoy tratanexecute de pedir una cita y no he podiperform., que hago?

I"m trying to make an appointment to change my last name due to marital relationship. The phone device retained clicking. I provided my ss# to the automated operator, the system attempted to deliver me and then disassociated.

I have dubbed the social protection office 3 times today. Eextremely time I called I was disconnected after talking through an agent in order to complete an application. However before, no agent called me back to complete the application. I am wondering if the phone obtain disconnected is it your plan for the client to contact earlier or should the agent reach ago out to the client. I think this is bad customer business and this agency demands a much better plan and means of taking care of customer business calls. It is very frustrating trying to complete an application over the phone and also to acquire disassociated and also you start over with a new agent and also the exact same point happens.

I was holding to be connected to a representative and tright here was some static followed by three beeps and also I was disconnected. Tright here requirements to be a much better phone mechanism.

Good morning, please I require an appointment for the social defense office situated in Sant Petersburg, Fl, what must I do? Thanks

55 minute organize wait time on the phone; on line, application not being accepted; no process for making an appointment at the local social security office; what is going on through our Gov"t Services?

Don"t bother making an appointment. People walking in off the street obtain served much faster. Security guards won"t aid obtain any type of details on once you"ll be served. Looks favor they are trying to wait world out so they will leave without bothering them. This is a bad usage of federal government funds to run this office. Should be shut dvery own.

Hello ! I applyed a SS card on april for the extremely initially time at St Petersburg Social Security Administration Office30 Dr Mlk St S St Petersburg, FL - 33701; however did not have any type of news around it ; give thanks to you for your assistance !

i perform have actually a pending situation for discapability,all of my medical information has actually been submitted to your office,i need an appeal ,as my wellness is not gaining any type of better,and i perform not desire to dally through a cut throat lawyer unmuch less essential.i would appreciate an answer as quickly as possible or if you can guide me as a better method to go around it.(what ever before it takes)p.o.box10103,33733ph#727-219-3014sincedepend.john david baucom jrthank you


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Opening Up a MySocialSecurity Account If you passist in to Social Security or are searching for benefits, you will should open up a "my Social Security" account. This is an virtual account directly from the Social Security Administration that allows you store track of and also regulate your SSA benefits, and also permits you to make changes to your Social Security record. My Social Security Account Getting a Social Security Card OR Replacing A Social Security Card OR Correcting A Social Security Card 1. Discover what records you"ll need to get an original, replacement, or corrected Social Security card, whether it"s for a child or adult, UNITED STATE citizen or noncitizen. Documents List. 2. Read the instructions for and fill out an application for a brand-new, replacement, or corrected card. Social Security Forms 3. Social Security cards aren"t processed digital. Publish your application and find out wbelow to take it in perboy or mail it. Missing Social Security Checks or Payments Contact the firm. The paying firm will provide you instructions on just how to file a claim File the claim through the paying firm. (800) 772-1213. Supplemental Security Income Pays benefits based on financial need. Social Security Disability Public social insurance programs that relocation earnings lost bereason of a physical or mental special needs significant sufficient to proccasion a formerly employed person from working. Monthly cash benefits are phelp to the eligible individual through a disability and also his or her eligible dependents throughout the duration of disability. SSI SSI benefits likewise are payable to people 65 and also older without disabilities who fulfill the financial boundaries. People who have actually worked lengthy enough might also have the ability to get Social Security discapability or retirement benefits as well as SSI.