When you close your eyes and also think that God, does He have a face? What is the expression ~ above his confront as that thinks around you?

Throughout history mankind has struggled through this question, practically as lot as it has actually struggled v the concern of God’s existence. If there is a God, what is the like, and also what does that look like? many of ours ideas about God and what that looks like have actually probably been influenced by art. Art is one of the most enduring forms of expression that has tried to answer this common question.

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Is it feasible for us to different these 2 questions: What is God like, what go God watch like?

After the Incarnation, depictions the Jesus ended up being commonplace. These depictions are by no way uniform throughout history, in fact, they space radically various in different eras the history. Early his photo was based upon commonplace pictures of Apollo. Afterwards in background that change to a likeness of Jupiter. In the Renaissance Jesus looks like a Renaissance man. And all of these depictions have made their way into our “picture” the Jesus and also influence how we know the actual Jesus.

Some have actually been an essential of this “developments” the the image of Christ. But one point is certain, we are always trying to figure out who this Jesus personality is and that is invariably tied right into what the looked like. Obviously, this needs to move beyond an easy physical characteristics. And that is what artists room really do the efforts to carry out with your paintings: draw a provocative photo of Jesus. This is similar to preaching a great sermon around Jesus. The teaches us just how to imitate him.

Here is an example. Among the most famous sermons is Charles Spurgeon’s “Sinners in the hand of an angry God.” it framed our snapshot of God for centuries. Ns would venture to say that the picture most of united state conjure the God as soon as he look at at united state is a variation of this God (if it isn’t, you have had actually to work at an altering it). Spurgeon’s sermon ended up being a picture of God for us.

Two of the paints we looked at in our current Art history Class in ~ Emmanuel licensed has been granted “Finding the picture of God in Art through History” demonstrate how arts helps us to imagine God.

One is this Pantokrator indigenous the ceiling the a church in Ravenna and the various other is a sculpture the Jesus hold a sheep approximately his neck top top his shoulders.

You have the right to see how these pictures paint different however equally accurate photos of Jesus.

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One that the paintings might be a sermon top top Philippians 2:10: that at the surname of Jesus every knee have to bow, of those who room in heaven, and also on earth, and under the earth, (Phil. 2:10 NAS) the various other a sermon on john 10:11


“I to be the great shepherd; the an excellent shepherd lays under His life for the sheep. (Jn. 10:11 NAS).

We had 40 people attend over the two-week course and here are few of the responses:

“Great testimonial for me, plus ns learned a great deal more. Say thanks to you for teaching this class. Blessings”

“Kelly was very informative and such a great overview the in depth monitorings of these works of art. I’d love to proceed this kind of art appreciation. Having actually a few works the art illustrating a comparable theme was an extremely beneficial.”

“Thank you for sharing your huge knowledge on this very interesting subject!”

“Thank friend so much Kelly! i learned a an excellent deal from her class. Ns wish I had taken the class before going come Italy and France. I would have appreciated the art so much more. Your class made me want to further my expertise of arts history. Thank you!”

“Super job. Humor and also smarts. Congrats!”

“Kelly girlfriend made that interactive and informative. Delighted in every minute!”

You have the right to read about some of the functions we spanned on Kelly’s blog,

Fra Angelico’s The Annunciation in the Cortona Altarpiece

The Portinari Altarpiece through Hugo van Der Goes