On Kul Tiras: Drust Settlements


Generally little is known about this ancient Drustsettlement, yet there is a set of ancient cairns in the damages that empower Drustconstructs and bring them to life .

Gol Osigr

Gol Osigr is whereby Colonel arom Waycrest and also the DrustvarMilitia finally beat the Drust and also their king, Gorak Tul . The animated bones that currently roam this ruin belong to several of GorakTul’s greatest warriors .

A set of Drust steles in the ruins depict the history of theKul Tirans’ ancient conflict through the Drust a tiny over 2,000 years ago . The an initial and 2nd stelesshow the Drust slaughtering Kul Tiran settlers and wiping out few of theirearly settlements. The third stone, however, signals a transition in the birds ofwar. Here, Gorak Tul is presented to it is in performing a ritual and creating greatstone constructs to fight the Kul Tirans. The last stele is no a Druststele, but actually a Kul Tiran carving over a Drust monolith. It mirrors Arom Waycrest stabbing Gorak Tul, destroying his constructs, and winning thewar against the Drust. One added stele concealed deep in a cavern in Gol Osigr reveals the Gorak Tul wasonly wounded and did no actually dice in the battle .

Gol Thovas

Gol Thovas, a cave in Tiragarde Sound, is one of the onlyDrust ruins external of Drustvar. Little else is known around this ancient settlement.

Gol Var


Not really much is known around the Drust background of theseruins, however they were a critical staging ground for residence Waycrest and also theOrder the Embers in the war against the Drust. The expertise of the stimulate of Embers, namelythe Tome of Silver and also Ash, is found in Gol Var .

Old Drust Road

Old Drust road is a path leading native Hangman’s suggest inDrustvar to Bridgeport in Tiragarde Sound .

Thros, the BlightedLands

Thros, when thought to it is in a legend used to frightenchildren, is one extradimensional kingdom that sit on height of the physical one,much like the Emerald Dream . Those within experience good torment and also suffering .

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After he was beat by direction Waycrest and also again by theplayers in Waycrest Manor, Gorak Tul’s spirit retreated into Thros .

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