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i kno that MY piece of #$ is running genuine lean ns guess i google it then thanks

"I think we must do a small street racing 101 and understand that, girlfriend know... As a basic courtesy friend should, uh, floor her car second 100mph over the speed in which friend start. It"s as with the, uh, "100mph courtesy"... You begin at 60, girlfriend don"t let off "til 160. You begin at 30, girlfriend AT the very least go come 130. And also attempting to, uh, run prefer Houston interstates through traffic directly in former of you... This 60 to 80 pulls; these 60 to 95mph pulls... What the crap is that shit about?" -IMV Films​
Key top top idling it must be 51psiThe STFT method that:Your "short ax fuel trim" is including 99.9% fuel in stimulate to acquire the proper air/fuel ratio.. Essentially telling you that your ish is WAAYYY skinny bruh.LTFT (long ax fuel trim) is altered if your STFT stays hi/low lengthy enough... An interpretation that if you"re at 99% for a when it"ll bang up her LTFT then collection your STFT come 0% and also go indigenous there. Gained it?
I recognize this is an old short article but to all future spectators know that this is partially true but all at once WRONG in context to this post. A 99% analysis for the (after) catalytic converter"s o2 sensor (#2) is correct definition the cat is doing its job and also releasing 99% that oxygen and also holding ago pollution. If it was 99% on or sensor (#1) then that would certainly be a problem.
~~~ 2004 Molten silver Spec V ~~~ 2J CAI ~ 2J Plenum ~ 2J Madusa Header ~ 2J 2.5" Midpipe ~ 2.5" Stromung Catback ~ Uprev Tuned ECU~ BC Coils on turning back 12k w/ Swift Springs ~ Wilwood 6 Piston Brakes ~ 2J 12.3" behind w/ HPS Pads ~ Wedsport TC105X wheels ~ 2J Superpro & RCK Lower regulate Arms ~ 2J 15mm ALK ~ Eibach Front persuade Bar ~ 2J Delrin engine Mounts & overcome Member Bushings ~ 2J Crank pulley-block ~ 2J Rear guide Bar ~ SuperPro Trailing arm Bushings ~ Viper transition Knob ~ 2J Turcite Shifter Bushings ~ Pioneer GM-DX975 Amplifier w speakers ~ R1-2X10 Subs ~ Plastidip ~ assorted Goodies ~~~ In The functions ~~ OEM Carbon Fiber Hood ~ fully Built & increased Project engine in progression ~ A Dream Come True...
Ian the idea of a forum come ask questions? perhaps after googling several of us quiet don’t understand so we room asking for clarification
Ian the idea of a forum come ask questions? possibly after googling several of us tho don’t recognize so we are asking for clarification
Yeah, the went directly over your head what the is referencing a you bang an old thread because that your very first post... End 10 year from the OP....
The Vagabond"Be polite, be professional, however have a arrangement to death everybody girlfriend meet." general James Mattis
Seaman seventyfive is a bot. Ban him, he"s functioning for the robot overloards!!! He"s ~ above the next of GOOGLE!
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