The title claims it all. Effectively, the dual player damage but fifty percent player health is functionally similar to twin player damage but twin enemy damage, the one exemption being that healing is double in the latter scenario. Usually a Rejuvenation Rack with faster gameplay.

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Basically it's things that rewards player skill. Sure, probably it equates to an ext damage indigenous enemies and the player, but ideally you're doing enough at that allude that you have the right to keep the crowds come a minimum and dodge many hits. Additionally once you obtain later in the game, many things one or two hit friend anyway. Therefore the fifty percent health doesn't mean much when you should dodge everything either way.

Ah, therefore its good in so late game because no issue the health bar, you die in 2 hits, so you might also get some twin damage. Yet what around tick damage and the like? I watch alot that fire damages complaints, i feel like half health might be contributing to that.

I link this article because it particularly calls out exactly how to use shaped glass together a protective item.

You double your damage with every shame glass you have actually while halfing you hp each time. This means if you room low hp and oneshot regardless having much more of them increases your damage massivly.

1 shame glass = 2 x damage

2 shame glass = 4 x damage

3 shaped glass = 8 x damage

4 shaped glass = 16 x damage.. And so on. This is a huge buff

Also the buffs her base damages so every little thing gets buffed, also bleed procs etc.

It increases boss clear, result in faster progression and also therefore weaker enemies.

It enables for more oneshots, which rather than halving enemies assaults before death outright clears them.

The game has a anti-oneshot feature that renders the glass also stronger.

I execute want to highlight the quicker boss clear here, ns didn't establish the implications of quicker gameplay when I very first asked the question.

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double player damages but double enemy damage

Or halving both the player and also the adversaries hp. Come simplify, it increases the opportunity of friend oneshooting them or them oneshooting girlfriend (well at the very least with sufficient glasses). Yet you fire faster, have Teddy Bears and also know their assault patterns.

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because it does an ext damage, so basically if you're broken you're even much more broken, ns wouldnt speak it had actually alot to carry out with skill, yet it does do killing points faster. Literally have actually a imperial capacitor, v drowned, and fuel cells, climate stack shave glass on top you kill whatever without touching a button.