This top-rated, best-selling mattress (4.2/5 stars) features Gel storage Foam, continuous Support® Innerspring and foam encasement for magnified support.

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Cushion firm Euro Top, 12” profile mattress, renowned cushion firm lull meets traditional supportCool Twist® gelatin Memory Foam and consistent Support Innerspring system for improved comfort and also supportTotal Edge® Foam Encasement to minimize sagging and also edge roll-offOrder online, Pick-up in club

The Serta® Perfect Sleeper® Wynstone II Cushion firm mattress v a 12” profile combines a considerable cushion certain feel through the pressure-relieving lull of gel memory foam, this popular best-selling mattress attributes Serta’s Cool Twist® gel Memory Foam because that breathable comfort and our constant Support Innspring—PLUS total Edge® Foam Encasement for suitable support follow me your whole body.

Serta Perfect Sleeper CollectionOfficial mattress that the nationwide Sleep Foundation, the Serta Perfect Sleeper design addresses five common sleep problems. Lull XD™ Foam provides pressure-point relief, i m sorry helps prevent tossing and turning. Serta’s practice Support® innerspring supplies a body-cradling feel and outstanding support while minimizing movement transfer. To ensure a comfortable sleep temperature, Cool Twist®Gel Foam reduce the build-up of heat at the surface. Full Edge® Foam Encasement helps reduce edge roll-off, expanding the sleep surface.

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Mattress collection Specifications
ComfortCushion Firm
SupportSerta's consistent Support® Innerspring Coil design - to add Serta's total Edge® Foam Encasement for added support
DurabilityOne-Sided No-Flip Mattress Design
SafetyFireblocker - exceeds federal and state flammability standards

FullQueenKingCalifornia King
Coil Count442532672644
Mattress Size53"W x 74.5"L60"W x 79.5"L76"W x 79.5"L72"W x 83.5"L
Mattress Height12"12"12"12"
Mattress Weight51lbs61lbs78lbs78lbs

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